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The 10th Birthday Cake is a non-member den item. It was released on September 3, 2020, and could formerly be obtained by entering the code "CLASSICBDAY10".


The first stage of the 10th Birthday Cake is a silver cake with grey sides, white patterns, and white frosting. A large, gold number 10 candle sits on the center of the cake, surrounded by other candles.

When the leftmost candle flame is clicked, a round blue cake similar to the 8th Birthday Cake pops out of the first layer, the blue cake has the 10 candle on top, with a ring of cherries. Clicking on the rightmost cherry causes a pink cube cake to pop out, on the sides are pawprints.

A purple circular layer is revealed once the top of the 10 candle is clicked, around the purple cake is a ring of lighter purple frosting.

Clicking on the bottom middle candle on the white layer causes a brown-orange square cake to appear on top, the 10 candle is surrounded by four normal candles.

On the previous cake layer, clicking on the left candle reveals a pink round cake with a purple band around it.

Once the middle of the pawprint on the square pink cake is clicked, an inverse smaller cake of the previous cake appears.

The next is a small blue cake, it is accessible through clicking the right of the square brown cake.

A tiny pink cake appears once the top of the 10 candle is clicked.

For the final form, clicking on the middle light purple stripe on the purple cake causes a tall purple cake, sparklers, and lights to pop out.

Clicking at the top causes the whole cake to burst into flames, reverting it to the first form.