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The 8th Birthday Cake is a non-member den item. It was released on August 30, 2018, and can be obtained for a limited time only by entering the Code "AJBDAY8" in the game.


The 8th Birthday Cake is light blue with frosting decorating the top edges of the cake. On the top is a golden number eight candle with a flame on top. Surrounding the cake are eight ice creams with a basic cone, vanilla ice cream, and a red cherry on top.

On its second form is the cake turning into a two-layer, with it sprouting a red, white, and blue striped cake layer with stars on the sides and tiny chocolate decorations on top of the second layer. To do this transformation, click the eight.

On the third form is the cake sprouting a third purple cake layer similar to the first form's cake. Click the second fully visible chocolate decoration on the left side of the eight to do this.

On the fourth is a pink fourth layer, on the fourth's sides is a white frosting squiggle and six candy canes at the top. The most right candy cane swirl lolly on the bottom is clicked to transform it to this.

At it's fifth is a fifth green layer in between the candy canes. To do this, click the middle of the lighter purple icing dripping over the edge of the purple cake layer.

On it's sixth is a small yellow layer like the third and first. Once the very end white part of the middle left candy cane is clicked, this form will appear.

At it's seventh is a thin narrow golden decorated cake with candy corn on its sides. When the flame is clicked, the cake will transform into this.

On its final form is the same blue cake from the first but tiny coming out of the top, out of the tiny cake are sparklers, bubbles, curled strands of paper, two lollipops, and a thin red and white stick holding up the eight. At the sides of the cake are bubbles coming out of the ice cream. To transform the cake into this final form, click the cherry on the first fully visible ice cream cone on the left.

To reset the cake, click the end of the red sprinkler where the sparks come out of.


  • This cake was made to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Animal Jam's official release.
  • It is one of the few items in the game that cannot be rotated when placed in a den.
  • It is part of the AJ Birthday Cake Collection.