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AJ's Greatest Hits is an album composed by WildWorks that consists of the music used in Animal Jam Classic. It was released on September 5, 2014, and was announced in the Jamaa Journal on November 9, 2014. AJ's Greatest Hits is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

Cover Art[]

The cover art for this album features all seven of the main Alphas holding various instruments. In the front from left to right is Sir Gilbert as a DJ with headphones and a record, Tavie with a ukulele, Cosmo playing a trumpet, and Peck singing on a microphone. Towards the back starting on the left side is Liza playing a guitar, Graham holding a speaker on his shoulder, and Greely holding a pair of drum sticks in the air.


  1. "The Story of Jamaa (feat. Joshua F. Olmos)" - An instrumental version of "Return of the Alphas"
  2. "AJ Melody (feat. Joshua F. Olmos)" - The Jamaa Township music
  3. "Bunny Party (feat. Joshua F. Olmos)" - The Hoppin' Around music
  4. "Jam Session (feat. Maximo K. Olmos)" - The Jam Session music
  5. "Happy Go Lucky (feat. Joshua F. Olmos)" - The Happy-Go-Lucky music
  6. "Geckos! (feat. Joshua F. Olmos, Maximo K. Olmos, Adam D. Hunter & Jaimee Christensen)" - The audio for "Geckos!"
  7. "Jam On (feat. Joshua F. Olmos)" - The Jam On music
  8. "Mount Shiveer Theme (feat. Joshua F. Olmos)" - The Mt. Shiveer music
  9. "Sol Arcade (feat. Joshua F. Olmos)" - The Sol Arcade music
  10. "Mystical Morning (feat. Joshua F. Olmos)" - The Mystical Morning music
  11. "Modern Major Kangaroo (feat. Joshua F. Olmos & Adam D. Hunter)" - The audio for "Modern Major Kangaroo"
  12. "Pet Play Time (feat. Maximo K. Olmos)" - The Pet Playtime music
  13. "Base Camp (feat. Joshua F. Olmos)" - The Bass Camp music
  14. "Great Escape (feat. Maximo K. Olmos)" - From Greely's Inferno
  15. "Crystal Sands (feat. Joshua F. Olmos)" - The Crystal Sands music
  16. "Spooky Old Bones (feat. Joshua F. Olmos)" - The Spooky Old Bones music
  17. "Winters Dance (feat. Joshua F. Olmos)" - The Winter's Dance music


  • The titles of some tracks are different from their in-game counterparts. Some examples are "Bunny Party" instead of "Hoppin' Around", or "Mount Shiveer Theme" instead of "Mt. Shiveer".
  • Track 14's title, "Great Escape", seems to be an error. The song is actually from the adventure Greely's Inferno, not The Great Escape.