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AJ Jump: Animal Jam Kangaroos! is an Animal Jam Classic themed mobile app designed by WildWorks and based on Animal Jam Classic's Sky High mini-game. The app was released on December 10, 2013, and it is available on Android devices as well as some Kindle Fire devices. It is also available on iOS devices where it has been optimized specifically for the iPhone 5, but it is still compatible with the iPad, iPod touch, and some other versions of the iPhone.


This game involves navigating a hopping kangaroo, which appears similar to the Kangaroos in Animal Jam Classic, up a series of jumping platforms. The screen continues to pan up to follow the kangaroo as it ascends to greater heights. However, the screen won't pan down, so if they kangaroo falls to the bottom of the screen, the game ends. The game will also end if the kangaroo hits one of the obstacles, but in the standard mode of the game, the player can rescue their kangaroo with a balloon to resume where they left off at the cost of Gems. The cost to rescue the kangaroo increases depending on the height that was reached. There is also a survival game-mode where the player cannot rescue their kangaroo with a balloon.


The player controls their kangaroo avatar by tilting their mobile device from side to side, which in turn causes the kangaroo to jump to the left or the right. However, the player cannot control when the kangaroo jumps, as that happens automatically.


There are a number of boosters in the game that launch the player higher than the typical jump. These boosters include but are not limited to the fan, spring, trampoline, cannon, rocket ship. The fan is the weakest of the boosters, roughly doubling the kangaroo's jump height. The spring is a bit stronger and roughly triples the jump height. The trampoline bounces the kangaroo and more than quadruples its jump height. Similarly, the cannon launches the kangaroo even farther than the previous boosters, and the rocket ship blasts the kangaroo farther than the cannon.


The Phantoms are the primary obstacle in the game, and hitting one will end the game. Some of the Phantoms move around while others remain still. There are also Phantoms that launch electric orbs at the player and Phantoms that suddenly appear in a cloud of purple fog.


At certain height levels, the background changes and the platforms become more difficult. The types of platforms include permanent platforms that can be jumped on multiple times and temporary platforms that can only be jumped on once. Each of these platform types can also be either stationary or moving from side to side.

The first level consists of large permanent platforms, small permanent platforms, and large temporary platforms. The background here appears to be a red-rock cliff side with matching platforms and small grassy ledges that include occasional fences and trees. The crystals available at this level are all red.

At a height of 1,500, the large permanent platforms are replaced by small temporary platforms and small, permanent moving platforms. The cliffside background splits down the middle into a canyon with a river at the base. The crystals available in this level are all blue.

At a height of 4,500, the large temporary platforms are replaced by tiny permanent platforms. Here the canyon background levels off with a small house at the top and there is a transition to a blue-grey, rocky mountains side with snow-covered ledges and matching platforms. The crystals available at this level are all green.

At a height of 9,000, the small, permanent moving platforms change into small, temporary moving platforms. The background for this level changes from the mountainside to the mountain peak and then the blue sky above it. The background includes rainbows and the platforms change into white puffy clouds for the permanent ones and dark, rainy thunderclouds for the temporary ones. The crystals in this level are pinkish-purple.

At a height of 15,000, the small permanent platforms are replaced by tiny, temporary moving platforms. The background changes to a darker night sky and stars appear as if traveling into space. The platforms change into asteroid-like rocks for the permanent ones and strange, dark rocks with glowing cracks for the temporary platforms. The crystals here are yellow and star-shaped.


The player can purchase power-ups using the Gems that they have collected, and these power-ups can then be activated during the gameplay as different abilities. The magnet power-up will allow the player to collect nearby crystals without touching them, the jet-pack power-up will give the player a boost, and the shield power-up will protect the player from obstacles.


The player earns Gems in this game by touching the colorful crystals that appear on many of the platforms. Each color represents a different value, for example: red crystals reward only 1 Gem, blue crystals reward 2 Gems, green crystals reward 3 Gems, pink crystals reward 4 Gems, yellow crystals reward 5 Gems, and etc. Jumping on the boosters will reward the player with bonus Gems, for example: the fan booster rewards 4 Gems, the spring booster rewards 8 Gems, and the trampoline booster rewards 12 Gems.


Once the player has reached a height of 1000, they will unlock the Pet Joey. Previously, this could be transferred to their connected Animal Jam Classic account and received in a gift message upon their next login. This pet was available to all Jammers that played this game. The transfer process was as follows:

  1. The player must first start AJ Jump on their mobile device then find the "Options" menu inside AJ Jump and click on the "Log in" button.
  2. Once logged in, the player could click the "Transfer Joey" button and a message saying "Joey Transferred" should pop up in AJ Jump.
  3. The player could then login to Animal Jam Classic and a "Pet Joey Kangaroo" should arrive in a gift message.

Once an Animal Jam account was connected, the player could also transfer the Gems they earn in AJ Jump to their Animal Jam Classic or Animal Jam account.

Since Animal Jam Classic was moved from its original Adobe Flash-based game operating within a web browser, the app is no longer able to transfer gems or Joeys to players' accounts. This is likely due to the developers never updating the app to allow it to access the new version of Animal Jam Classic, as when players attempt to transfer gems or Joeys, they receive an error message indicating the app is still trying to access (which no longer exists).


The player's kangaroo avatar can be customized much in the same way as animals in Animal Jam Classic are customized with a variety of primary body colors, secondary body colors, eye patterns, eye colors, body patterns, and body pattern colors.


Many accessories can be purchased with the Gems that are collected, and these accessories can be worn by the player's kangaroo avatar. Some accessories can only be purchased after they have been unlocked by reaching a certain height in the game. The accessories fall into three categories: head items, body items, and feet items.


Players can keep track of their scores by recording them on the leaderboard, a list of the highest scores, and they can also enter a custom name to go along with the score if the device is shared by multiple players. The leaderboard can be used to view the scores just for the device, the scores of the player's buddies, or the best scores out of all the players in the game. The final score that is recorded is the height obtained combined with the number of Gems rewarded.


  • It is the second Animal Jam themed mobile app to be released, the first being Tunnel Town.
  • There are Monkeys found on some of the platforms, and they will throw bonus crystals in the direction of the player.
  • Included in the game is an AJ Academy eBook full of facts, photos, and videos about kangaroos.
  • The rocket ship booster resembles the rocket ship at the entrance to the Sol Arcade in Animal Jam Classic.
  • It is very similar to Sky High, but there is no ending, and there are boosters.
  • Currently, players are unable to log in their Animal Jam accounts due to a bug.


AJ Jump is an exciting mobile game that can be linked to an Animal Jam player account to further the Animal Jam fun.

How To Download
AJ Jump is available for mobile devices, and can be found in the App Store, the Google Play Store, and on Amazon. AJ Jump costs $1.99, and is free from outside advertising and in-app purchases.

How To Play
The object of AJ Jump is simple: tilt the screen of your mobile device to control your kangaroo as it jumps higher and higher into the sky.

The greater heights your kangaroo reaches, the more gems you will earn. Your kangaroo can earn a boost from trampolines, springs, and other power-ups, but be sure to watch out for cracked and moving platforms, as well as those pesky Phantoms.

As you continue to jump higher and higher, you can spend your Gems on unlockable bonuses and accessories for your kangaroo. You can also transfer your Gems to your player account and spend them in Animal Jam.

~ What is AJ Jump? How do I download and play it? on Animal Jam Help Center