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Achievements are merits that can be earned by performing certain activities such as playing games, buying clothing or furniture, and exploring Jamaa. The Achievements system was first introduced in December 2010. AJHQ has confirmed that there are 250 achievements to earn, and more achievements are added as new games and features are introduced into the game. Jammers can access their own Achievements through the Change Your Look menu, and they can view other Jammers' achievements through their Player Cards.

List of Available Achievements



Game Achievement Obtainment
Double Up Icon Matchmaker! Matchmaker! Play Double Up 10 times
Matchminor! Matchminor! Play Double Up 25 times
Matchmajor! Matchmajor! Play Double Up 40 times
Matchmaster! Matchmaster! Play Double Up 60 times
Fast Match! Fast Match! Complete a game of Double Up in 15 seconds
Perfectionist! Perfectionist! Complete a game of Double Up without a mismatch
Icon of Overflow-0 Flowbie! Flowbie! Play Overflow 5 times
Flowbot! Flowbot! Play Overflow 15 times
Flowmaster! Flowmaster! Play Overflow 30 times
Open The Floodgates! Open The Floodgates! Play Overflow 50 times
Overflow Boss! Overflow Boss! Complete level 50 of Overflow
Overflow Master! Overflow Master! Complete level 100 of Overflow
300! 300! Earn 300 Gems in one session of Overflow
Games Temple-of-Trivia Whiz Kid! Whiz Kid! Play Temple of Trivia 5 times
Prodigy! Prodigy! Play Temple of Trivia 10 times
Head Of The Class! Head Of The Class! Play Temple of Trivia 25 times
A ! A+! Play Temple of Trivia 50 times
Trivia Star! Trivia Star! Get first place in one round of Temple of Trivia
Icon of Wind Rider Stratus! Stratus! Play Wind Rider 10 times
Nimbus! Nimbus! Play Wind Rider 20 times
Cumulus! Cumulus! Play Wind Rider 35 times
Cirrus! Cirrus! Play Wind Rider 50 times
Cloud Commander! Cloud Commander! Earn the treasure in Wind Rider
Team Rider! Team Rider! Complete 10 multiplayer games of Wind Rider
Phantom Fighter Icon Fighter! Fighter! Play Phantom Fighter 5 times
Hunter! Hunter! Play Phantom Fighter 10 times
Exterminator! Exterminator! Play Phantom Fighter 25 times
Eradicator! Eradicator! Play Phantom Fighter 50 times
Phantom Warrior Phantom Warrior Reach level 11 in Phantom Fighter
Superpower! Superpower! Use every power-up in one game of Phantom Fighter
Untouchable! Untouchable! Complete 3 levels of Phantom Fighter without getting hit
Icon of Gem Ball Play Ball! Play Ball! Play Gem Ball 10 times
On The Ball! On The Ball! Play Gem Ball 20 times
Having A Ball! Having A Ball! Play Gem Ball 35 times
Great Balls Of Fire! Great Balls Of Fire! Play Gem Ball 50 times
Jackpot! Jackpot! Earn the jackpot in Gem Ball
Double Jackpot! Double Jackpot! Earn 2 jackpots in one game of Gem Ball
Icon of Spider Zapper Pea Shooter! Pea Shooter! Play Spider Zapper 5 times
Crack Shot! Crack Shot! Play Spider Zapper 10 times
Sharpshooter! Sharpshooter! Play Spider Zapper 25 times
Deadeye! Deadeye! Play Spider Zapper 50 times
Spider King! Spider King! Complete wave 40 in Spider Zapper
Team Zapper! Team Zapper! Beat level 50 in a multiplayer game of Spider Zapper
Icon of Long Shot Far! Far! Play Long Shot 10 times
Farther! Farther! Play Long Shot 20 times
Farthest! Farthest! Play Long Shot 35 times
Fartherest! Fartherest! Play Long Shot 50 times
10,000 Plus! 10,000 Plus! Reach a distance of 10,000+ in Long Shot
20,000 Plus! 20,000 Plus! Reach a distance of 20,000+ in Long Shot
River Race Petty Officer! Petty Officer! Play River Race 5 times
Lieutenant! Lieutenant! Play River Race 10 times
Captain! Captain! Play River Race 25 times
Admiral! Admiral! Play River Race 50 times
Speed Boat! Speed Boat! Win River Race 5 times
Icon of Twister Breeze! Breeze! Play Twister 5 times
Wind! Wind! Play Twister 10 times
Gale! Gale! Play Twister 25 times
Storm! Storm! Play Twister 50 times
Twister Top Dog! Twister Top Dog! Achieve a score of 30,000+ in Twister
Ring King! Ring King! Fly through 18 rings in one round of Twister
Icon of Mira Says Mime! Mime! Play Mira Says 5 times
Imitator! Imitator! Play Mira Says 10 times
Mimicker! Mimicker! Play Mira Says 25 times
Copycat! Copycat! Play Mira Says 50 times
Mira Says! Mira Says! Complete the full sequence of 32 colors in Mira Says
Icon ofGem Breaker Breaker! Breaker! Play Gem Breaker 10 times
Buster! Buster! Play Gem Breaker 20 times
Crasher! Crasher! Play Gem Breaker 35 times
Smasher! Smasher! Play Gem Breaker 50 times
Gem Ace! Gem Ace! Complete level 20 of Gem Breaker
Gem Guru! Gem Guru! Win 10 multiplayer games of Gem Breaker
Super Sort Icon Reduce! Reduce! Play Super Sort 5 times
Reuse! Reuse! Play Super Sort 10 times
Recycle! Recycle! Play Super Sort 25 times
Sir Sortsalot! Sir Sortsalot! Play Super Sort 50 times
Super Sorter! Super Sorter! Correctly sort 200 items in a row in Super Sort
Go Green! Go Green! Complete level 20 of Super Sort
Icon of the Pest Control Squash! Squash! Play Pest Control 10 times
Smash! Smash! Play Pest Control 20 times
Squish! Squish! Play Pest Control 35 times
Splat! Splat! Play Pest Control 50 times
400 Legs! 400 Legs! Defeat 500 tarantulas in Pest Control
10,000 Pests! 10,000 Pests! Defeat 10,000 pests in Pest Control
Icon of Fruit Slinger Fruit Salad! Fruit Salad! Play Fruit Slinger 10 times
Fruit Cake! Fruit Cake! Play Fruit Slinger 20 times
Fruit Juice! Fruit Juice! Play Fruit Slinger 35 times
Fruit Basket! Fruit Basket! Play Fruit Slinger 50 times
Peachy Keen! Peachy Keen! Complete Level 10 of Fruit Slinger
Top Banana! Top Banana! Complete every level of Fruit Slinger
Fruit Of The Doom! Fruit Of The Doom! Defeat 300 Phantoms in Fruit Slinger
Kaboom! Kaboom! Defeat all the Phantoms in a fort with one shot in Fruit Slinger
Ripe! Ripe! Win 25 multiplayer games of Fruit Slinger
Icon of the Pill Bugs Bounce! Bounce! Play Pill Bugs 5 times
Recoil! Recoil! Play Pill Bugs 10 times
Rebound! Rebound! Play Pill Bugs 25 times
Ricochet! Ricochet! Play Pill Bugs 50 times
Rolly Polly! Rolly Polly! Complete every level of Pill Bugs
Bug Bomb! Bug Bomb! Clear every bug in a level of Pill Bugs
Go for the Gold! Go for the Gold! Earn every gold ladybug in Pill Bugs
Phantom Treasure Seek! Seek! Play Phantom’s Treasure 5 times
Scan! Scan! Play Phantom’s Treasure 10 times
Search! Search! Play Phantom’s Treasure 25 times
Discover! Discover! Play Phantom’s Treasure 50 times
Quick Find! Quick Find! Complete a level of Phantom’s Treasure in under 1 minute
Pinpoint! Pinpoint! Find 500 items in Phantom’s Treasure
Icon of Eat Em Up Nibble! Nibble! Playing Eat 'Em Up five times
Bite! Bite! Playing Eat 'Em Up ten times
Chomp! Chomp! Playing Eat 'Em Up 25 times
Gulp! Gulp! Playing Eat 'Em Up 50 times
Om Nom Nom! Om Nom Nom! Eating 500 fish in Eat 'Em Up
Big Tuna! Big Tuna! Eating 5,000 fish in Eat 'Em Up
Icon of Swoopy Eagle Flying High! Flying High! Play Swoopy Eagle 10 times
Flying Colors! Flying Colors! Play Swoopy Eagle 20 times
Flight Of Fancy! Flight Of Fancy! Play Swoopy Eagle 35 times
Topflight! Topflight! Play Swoopy Eagle 50 times
For The Birds! For The Birds! Earn 15 points in a game of Swoopy Eagle
Birds Of A Feather! Birds Of A Feather! Earn 40 points in a game of Swoopy Eagle
Icon of Splash and Dash Dorsal Fin! Dorsal Fin! Play Splash and Dash 10 times
Blowhole! Blowhole! Play Splash and Dash 25 times
Fluke! Fluke! Play Splash and Dash 50 times
Quick! Quick! Win 10 races in Splash and Dash
Swift! Swift! Win 25 races in Splash and Dash
Speedy! Speedy! Win 50 races in Splash and Dash
Regatta! Regatta! Win 15 races in Splash and Dash (Pro Mode)
High Five! High Five! Win 5 races in a row in one game of Splash and Dash (Pro Mode)
Bottlenose! Bottlenose! Complete a race in Splash and Dash (Pro Mode) without hitting an obstacle
Icon of Falling Phantoms Crust! Crust! Play Falling Phantoms 10 times
Mantle! Mantle! Play Falling Phantoms 25 times
Core! Core! Play Falling Phantoms 50 times
Fissure! Fissure! Win 10 games of Falling Phantoms
Dome! Dome! Win 25 games of Falling Phantoms
Volcano! Volcano! Win 50 games of Falling Phantoms
Eruption! Eruption! Win 5 games of Falling Phantoms in a row
Ring Of Fire! Ring Of Fire! Complete a round of Falling Phantoms without getting hit
Hedge Hog Icon Road Hog! Road Hog! Playing Hedge Hog ten times
Hog Wild! Hog Wild! Playing Hedge Hog 25 times
Whole Hog! Whole Hog! Playing Hedge Hog 50 times
Hedge Your Bets! Hedge your Bets! Completing level ten of Hedge Hog
Phantom Catcher! Phantom Catcher! Catching 1,000 Phantoms in Hedge Hog
Finders Keepers! Finders Keepers! Earning 50 Gems in Hedge Hog
Super Streak! Super Streak! Catching ten phantoms during a power crystal streak in Hedge Hog
Best Dressed Seamstress! Seamstress! Playing Best Dressed five times
Stylist! Stylist! Playing Best Dressed ten times
Designer! Designer! Playing Best Dressed 25 times
Model! Model! Playing Best Dressed 50 times
High Fashion! High Fashion! Winning 20 games of Best Dressed
Tres Chic! Tres Chic! Winning three games of Best Dressed in a row
Best Dressed - Oceans Sharp! Sharp! Playing Best Dressed - Oceans five times
Classy! Classy! Playing Best Dressed - Oceans ten times
Posh! Posh! Playing Best Dressed - Oceans 25 times
Elegant! Elegant! Playing Best Dressed - Oceans 50 times
Dashing! Dashing! Winning 20 games of Best Dressed - Oceans
In Vogue! In Vogue! Winning three games of Best Dressed - Oceans in a row
Spot On Spotter! Spotter! Playing Spot On ten times
Spotting! Spotting! Playing Spot On 25 times
Spotted! Spotted! Playing Spot On 50 times
Super Spot! Super Spot! Correctly identifying 25 animals in Spot On
Hyper Spot! Hyper Spot! Correctly identifying 50 animals in Spot On
Awesome Spot! Awesome Spot! Correctly identifying 100 animals in Spot On
Ultra Spot! Ultra Spot! Correctly identifying ten animals in a row in a game of Spot On
Icon of the Jamaa Derby Trot! Trot! Playing Jamaa Derby ten times
Canter! Canter! Playing Jamaa Derby 25 times
Gallop! Gallop! Playing Jamaa Derby 50 times
Foal! Foal! Winning ten races in Jamaa Derby
Mare! Mare! Winning 25 races in Jamaa Derby
Stallion! Stallion! Winning 50 races in Jamaa Derby
Jamaa Cup! Jamaa Cup! Winning five pro mode races in a row in Jamaa Derby
Thoroughbred! Thoroughbred! Winning 15 pro mode races in Jamaa Derby
Perfect Race! Perfect Race! Completing a pro mode race in Jamaa Derby without hitting an obstacle
Best Guess Guess! Playing Best Guess five times
Good Guess! Playing Best Guess ten times
Better Guess! Playing Best Guess 25 times
Best Guess! Playing Best Guess 50 times
Best Guesser! Correctly answering ten questions in a row in a session of Best Guess
Guess Master! Correctly answering 20 questions in a row in a session of Best Guess
Fast Foodies Fast-Foodies Hostess Hostess! Serve 10 animals in Fast Foodies
Fast-Foodies Waitress Waitress! Serve 50 animals in Fast Foodies
Fast-Foodies Maitre-D Maitre D'! Serve 100 animals in Fast Foodies
Fast-Foodies Saucier Saucier! Play Fast Foodies 10 times
Fast-Foodies Sous-Chef Sous-Chef! Play Fast Foodies 25 times
Fast-Foodies Chef-De-Cuisine Chef De Cuisine! Play Fast Foodies 50 times
Fast-Foodies Super-Service Super Service! Get 3 Paws in 15 levels of Fast Foodies
Fast-Foodies Perfect-Service Perfect Service! Get 3 Paws in every level of Fast Foodies
Buddy Games Bronze Gamer Bronze Gamer! Play 25 buddy games
Silver Gamer Silver Gamer! Play 50 buddy games
Gold Gamer Gold Gamer! Play 100 buddy games
Platinum Gamer Platinum Gamer! Play 250 buddy games
Winner Winner! Win 10 buddy games
Victor Victor! Win 25 buddy games
Champion Champion! Win 50 buddy games
Sssssnake Sssssnake Breakast Breakfast! Catch 25 mice in one game of Sssssnake
Sssssnake Lunch Lunch! Catch 50 mice in one game of Sssssnake
Sssssnake Dinner Dinner Catch 100 mice in one game of Sssssnake
Sssssnake Dessert Dessert! Catch 1000 mice total in Sssssnake
Sssssnake Yum Yum Yum Yum! Catch 5 golden mice in one game of Sssssnake
Disc Toss Lucky Dog! Lucky Dog! Catching 25 discs in a game of Disc Toss
Hot Dog! Hot Dog! Catching 50 discs in a game of Disc Toss
Top Dog Top Dog! Catching 100 discs in a game of Disc Toss
Catch Me If You Can Catch me if you Can! Catching 5,000 discs in Disc Toss
Pirate Puppy Pirate Puppy! Playing Disc Toss with a Puppy wearing an eyepatch
Ducky Dash Duck And Cover! Duck and Cover! Collecting 50 ducks in a game of Ducky Dash
Sitting Duck! Sitting Duck! Collecting 100 ducks in a game of Ducky Dash
Ducks In A Row! Ducks in a Row! Collecting 150 ducks in a game of Ducky Dash
Quack Quack! Quack Quack! Collecting 5,000 ducks in Ducky Dash
Dapper Ducky! Dapper Ducky! Playing Ducky Dash with a Ducky wearing a top hat


Category Achievement Obtainment
Jam-A-Grams Pen Pal! Sending a Jam-A-Gram
1 Gift Sent! Gifting an item
10 Gifts Sent! Gifting ten items
25 Gifts Sent! Gifting 25 items
50 Gifts Sent! Gifting 50 items
100 Gifts Sent! Gifting 100 items
Shopping Clothes Shopper 25! Purchasing 25 clothing items
Clothes Shopper 50! Purchasing 50 clothing items
Clothes Shopper 100! Purchasing 100 clothing items
Clothes Shopper 250! Purchasing 250 clothing items
25th Den Item! Purchasing 25 den items
50th Den Item! Purchasing 50 den items
100th Den Item! Purchasing 100 den items
250th Den Item! Purchasing 250 den items
Jamaa Fun Whee! Riding 50 slides across Jamaa
Fourth Pet! Adopting four pets
First Pet! Adopting a pet
Icon Yummy Cocoa Yummy Cocoa! Create 25 cups of hot cocoa
Color Me Rad! Changing animal colors
Buddy Added! Buddying a Jammer
Chemist! Creating the rainbow potion in Brady's Chemistry Set
Welcome To The Club! Becoming a member


1000 Gems! Earning 1,000 Gems
10,000 Gems! Earning 10,000 Gems
25,000 Gems! Earning 25,000 Gems
50,000 Gems! Earning 50,000 Gems
100,000 Gems! Earning 100,000 Gems
5000 Gems Spent! Spending 5,000 Gems
15,000 Gems Spent! Spending 15,000 Gems
35,000 Gems Spent! Spending 35,000 Gems
65,000 Gems Spent! Spending 65,000 Gems
100,000 Gems Spent! Spending 100,000 Gems

Removed Achievements

  • Herbology Expert! was an achievement that could be earned by collecting all of the plant facts around Jamaa.
  • One of a Kind! was a pet achievement that could be earned at total random. Once a pet was made, it could already be wearing a special item. It had a very slim chance, however. Those who were lucky enough to own these pets earned this medallion.
  • The achievements "1 Month Member!", "3 Month Member!", "6 Month Member!", "9 Month Member!", "Member - 1 Year!" could be earned based on how long Jammers had membership.
  • There was an achievement known as "Dance Commander!" for those who usually danced in Club Geoz.
  • "Fire Starter!" was an achievement that could be earned by gathering 4 or more people to dance around the firepit in Sarepia Forest. In doing so, a projection of Mira would be summoned.
  • "Phantom Dream!" was an achievement that could be earned by gathering Jammers to sleep around the submerged Zios statue in the Lost Temple of Zios.
  • "Falling Rocks!" and "Thin Ice!" were achievements that could be earned by gathering Jammers to hop on the Coral Canyons' bridge and the Mt. Shiveer's thin ice patch.
  • "Answer The Call!" was an achievement that could be earned if a Jammer responded to fifteen different polls.
  • "Can You Keep A Secret?" was an achievement that could be earned by accessing the Basement of Secrets in the bottom-left corner of the World Map.
  • When the play timer was still in the game, the achievements "5 Hour Jammer!", "10 Hour Jammer", "20 Hour Jammer!", "50 Hour Jammer", and "100 Hour Jammer!" could be obtained based on how long Jammers played.


  • To view their own achievements, the player originally had to click an Achievements button along the top of the screen; however, this was removed on August 20, 2016.


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