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The Adventure Command Post was a place that was first added to Animal Jam Classic on August 4, 2016, and removed on September 29, 2016. It served as a staging area for Jammers that were preparing to enter the 2D Adventures, similar to how the Adventure Base Camp works for the regular Adventures. It could have been accessed through the Parties menu or by going through a tunnel formerly located in Sarepia Forest.


There was one opened portal that led to The Hidden Falls adventure and two unopened ones. These unopened portals were likely meant to represent The Front Lines and The Phantom Badlands, 2D Adventures that had yet to be released at the time. In the middle of the room, there was a round, wooden table covered by a large map depicting a land with a river that bifurcates in the middle. On one side of the river, there was a round, stone tower with a blue, triangular flag on top, and there were two golden paw figures. On the other side of the river, there was a model of the Phantom Fortress as well as two Phantom figures.


  • On the day of its release, it was mistakenly named "Untitled Room" but this was later fixed.
    • This was unrelated to the Untitled Room that appeared as a glitch in 2013, as that room was all void except for some flowers and it was accessed randomly when loading into a server. Coincidentally, this involved the Adventure Base Camp.
    • While this area was still named "Untitled Room", the staircase on the right side would teleport players to Jamaa Township. Though only members could play 2D adventures and enter the room, non-member buddies could follow them into it.
    • When this room's name was fixed, the staircase was replaced with a tree. The staircase later returned for the following update so that it would lead to the entrance in Sarepia Forest.
  • This room was removed on September 29, 2016, and its adventures were moved to the Adventure Base Camp. The entrance in Sarepia Forest was erased and the tree that had once stood where the entrance was has now been remade where it was before.
  • When this room was removed along with the entrance in Sarepia Forest, the entrance sign resembling the adventures remained until a few weeks later when it was also removed.
  • The map in the center of the room reappears in the beginning of The Front Lines and is confirmed to be battle plans belonging to Sir Gilbert. The map also resembles the map on the Sir Gilbert's Table.