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This article is about the building in Jamaa. For the shop in this building, see Alpha Headquarters (Shop).

The Alpha Headquarters is a building located in Jamaa Township where Club Geoz was formerly located. It was added on November 2, 2017, a while after the Lines of Power converged and destroyed Club Geoz.


In the interior, there are stained glass windows on the top floor and water flowing down onto the first floor, where there is a colorful tile floor and statues of the Alphas. When clicked on, each statue shows a brief biography about the Alpha it depicts. On the right side of the room, there is a staircase that leads to the top floor, where there is a wooden room filled with relics and other objects found in adventures. When clicked on, each object shows a brief description of itself.


One of the main attractions here is the Alpha Headquarters shop. It sells full armor sets to match each of the six primary land Alphas. The other attractions are interactive objects that open pop-ups with short segments of Animal Jam lore.


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  • The store sells alpha armor inside and is labeled a Diamond Shop on the map.
  • The room mentions Tavie but does not show nor sell Tavie armor.
  • The missing crystals in the artifacts museum suggest there are more to come for Animal Jam.
  • The Lines of Power mysteriously disappeared once this came.
  • It was added to the game on October 26, 2017, as an unreleased room called "Mushroom Den Test". When it was unreleased, there were no animations, interactable objects, or shops.
  • By entering an adventure directly from this room and exiting it, a glitch occurs where the room tag located on the top right of the screen will display "Lost Temple of Zios". This also happens in the Forgotten Archive.
  • Because of an update, The Alpha Headquarters now comes with the Call Of The Alpha's music.
  • "Alpha Headquarters" could possibly be a pun off of "Animal Jam Headquarters".


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