This article is about the den music. For the room, see Alpha Headquarters.

The Alpha Headquarters is a members-only music piece that was released on December 1, 2017, in the Diamond Shop.

Cover Art

The cover of the music has an image of the Alpha Headquarters placed upon a grassy green hill with sunbeams in the background. Above the Alpha Headquarters, there are also two brown eight notes and one quarter note.


Overall, the mood of this music is ominous, and a bass violin and a percussion instrument can always be heard throughout the song. Starting off, the bass violin plays solo with the percussion in the background, and gradually, a violin has a call-and-response with bells. A woodwind soon joins this call-and-response, and the call-and-response later transitions into a duet with bells and a flute. This is then finished off with the woodwind playing solo along with the background instruments.


  • This music is played in Call of the Alphas and the Alpha Headquarters.
  • This music was first played in Call of the Alphas, and when the Alpha Headquarters was released, the music that played there was completely different. It was when this den music was released that the Alpha Headquarters changed to play this music instead.
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