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The main alphas dawn the front cover of Animal Jam's Greatest Hits!

The Alphas are a team of heroic animals that fight against the Phantoms, the main villains in Jamaa. As stated through an animated video, the Alphas come from a foreign land and came to Jamaa to help win the Phantom war. They succeeded in ending the war, destroying a giant unnamed Phantom, and driving out the surviving Phantoms. The Alphas seemed to have made themselves at home in Jamaa and protect it from any threats, including the return of the Phantoms. Because of this, the Phantoms see the Alphas as their arch-enemies and biggest threat, which is why their plan is to capture them to prevent them from harming Jammers.

Active Alphas[]

The main active Alphas have made active appearances in Jamaa, either in the Adventures or in Parties. These alphas are often depicted together in various collections (like the Haunted Portrait Collection) or in a single item such as the Alpha Fountain, Alpha Archway, and Alpha Stepping Stones.

Name Animal
Liza Panda
Cosmo Koala
Graham Monkey
Sir Gilbert Tiger
Peck Bunny
Greely Wolf
Tavie Dolphin

Inactive Alphas[]

This list is derived from the named animal statues that are sold alongside the main active Alpha statues. These animals may have multiple den items dedicated to them, but they have not made any active appearances in the game.

List of Inactive Alphas
Name Animal
Harper Seal
Otto Elephant
Ruby Rhinoceros
Cornelius Crocodile
Sophia Horse
Marco Penguin
Edmund Giraffe
Amelia Fox
LaSalle Raccoon
Sigurd Deer
Valentina Eagle
Atlas Lion
Hudson Otter
Jade Snow Leopard
Biff Hyena
Boomer Kangaroo
Olive Cheetah
Calypso Sea Turtle
Victor Octopus
Drake Shark
Barrett Polar Bear
Avalon Owl
Andy Llama
Felicity Lynx
Koko Flamingo
Mica Coyote
Dakota Cougar
Faye Sheep
Jamal Toucan
Jarvis Lemur
Manni Sloth
Carmen Pig
Perry Falcon
Felix Goat
Aurora Arctic Fox
Star Direwolf
Fang Sabertooth


In desperation, the guardian spirits of Jamaa searched other lands for six leaders who could wield the power of their entire species. They even looked to our world, and it was here that they found six extraordinary animals and brought them to Jamaa: Sir Gilbert the regal tiger, Cosmo the knowledgeable koala, Graham the inventive monkey, Greely the mysterious wolf, Liza the curious panda, and Peck the creative rabbit. These were six remarkable animals with different personalities, but they were united in their strength of characters and their respect for the natural world.

Mira and Zios chose well, and these very different animals soon formed a family. To help in battle against the Phantoms, Mira and Zios gave the new leaders Alpha Stones, six special jewels that focused the strength and abilities of their entire species. With these stones, the six chosen animals became Alphas, the heroes chosen to save Jamaa in its darkest hour!

The Alphas set about making a plan that utilized each of their unique abilities to defeat the Phantoms. Once the plan was finalized, they joined the rest of the animals who had gathered together to face the flood of Phantoms before them. When the animals saw the magnificent Alphas, they felt their own bravery return. The Alphas felt the strength of the Alpha Stones flowing through them, and with many roars, howls, and cheers, they all stormed into battle.
~ AJHQ on The Daily Explorer - Episode 4 - Taking a Stand

The first six Alphas were said to be created by bringing extraordinary animals to Jamaa and giving them the Alpha Stones, which imbued them with great power. The purpose of these Alphas was to lead the remaining animals into battle so that the Phantoms would be driven out of Jamaa. It is unclear what the Alpha Stones actually are, but the Portal Crystal and the Lava Crystal were once called Alpha Stones, so that may be some indication. It is also unclear how Tavie came to become an Alpha, as Mira and Zios were the ones that created the first six Alphas before going through a Phantom Portal in Episode 5 - The Fight to Save Jamaa.


  • The first Alpha to be seen in the game was formerly Liza, as the guide for all New Jammers; however, this was changed in 2014 so that Peck would be the guide instead.
  • They are said to come from Earth, according to the Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide.
  • They were originally called Shamans, but this changed in 2011.
  • Originally, some of the land areas included statues for the Alphas (such as Sir Gilbert in Crystal Sands and Graham in Sarepia Forest), but these were removed when the lands were redesigned in 2011.
  • Their statues are sold at The Chamber of Knowledge and the bronze versions were formerly sold at the AJ Birthday Party.
  • The statues available in The Chamber of Knowledge are obtainable through The Forgotten Desert.
  • Tavie is the only alpha to have a pet.
  • All of the Alphas have the ability to teleport, but all in their own unique way.


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