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Ancient Antiquities is a shop in Jamaa which sells land den fossil-themed items. It was released February 15th, 2018. It's built into the wall of the market structure in Balloosh.


This shop appears as a small shop built on a wall. There are furniture items on the windowsill, including the Fossil Chair, the Fossil Lamp, and the Fossil Rug, along with a red "SALE" sign to the left. On the bottom, you can spot pots and a crate. To the right side of the shop are fishing rods and nets.


Items Gems.png Members-Only?
Fossil Table 1.png Fossil Table 650 Yes
Fossil Chair 1.png Fossil Chair 450 Yes
Fossil Lamp 1.png Fossil Lamp 350 Yes
Fossil Rug 1.png Fossil Rug 350 No
Fossil On Display 1.png Fossil On Display 850 Yes
Pet.Tree1.jpg Petrified Tree 750 Yes