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Not to be confused with Juno's Armor Set.
This article is about the promotional armor. For the non-promotional set, see Ancient Armor Set.

The Ancient Armor Set promotional gift is a non-member land clothing set. It was released early August 2018 and it can be redeemed from a code that comes from the Direwolf vs. Sabertooth Animal Jam Box.


The Ancient Armor Set (Promo), looks like that of the original Ancient Armor Set, except being a different color variation. It is made up of five parts. Each armor piece is primarily purplish-gray with purple shiny crystals or gems. The armor also has light swirl patterns that glow rhythmically.

Armor Set

These items are all non-member.

Items Type?
Ancient-helmet-promo.PNG Ancient Helmet 1Head.png
Ancient-amulet-promo.PNG Ancient Amulet 2Neck.png
Ancient-armor-promo.PNG Ancient Armor 3Body.png
Ancient-gauntlets-promo.PNG Ancient Gauntlets 4Legs.png
Ancient-tail-armor-promo.PNG Ancient Tail Armor 5Tail.png