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Andrews Room of Doom was an unreleased room that appears to be a modified version of the bottom segment of the Forgotten Archive, but it has been deleted. It was never legitimately accessible, but it could previously be entered by following someone who was already in the area.


  • The destinations for the passages and portals were changed occasionally.
  • In the Test Room, there was an invisible entrance in the "Andrew" section that leads to this room.
  • The portals labeled "Alpha HQ" and "Cosmo's Den 2.0" led to Mushroom Den Test (now Alpha Headquarters) and Andrews Dungeon of Doom respectively. However, upon entering the passages/portals labeled "Cami's Lab" and "Pixel Den", the loading screen would stay indefinitely. The game icon on the right side of the room displayed "Start Adventure", but when clicked on, nothing happened. In the water, there was a hidden passage that attempted to lead to a room, but when clicked on, a loading circle appeared for a split second before disappearing.