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This article is about the Unity game. For the Flash game, see Animal Jam Classic.

Animal Jam, previously Animal Jam - Play Wild!, is an app based on Animal Jam Classic that was released on August 18, 2015. It can be installed for free on iPads, iPhones, and iPods from the App Store, Android devices and Chromebooks from Google Play, Kindle Fires from the Amazon Appstore and Windows and Mac computers from the official website or from Steam. On April 30, 2020, the game was renamed from Animal Jam - Play Wild to Animal Jam while its Flash counterpart was renamed from Animal Jam to Animal Jam Classic.


It has several new features for Jammers to enjoy, including enhanced graphics, a 3D world, and much more. The Unity Engine is used for this game.


Just like Animal Jam Classic, the primary currency in the mobile game is Gems. However, Animal Jam uses Sapphires as their premium currency instead of Diamonds.


Sapphires were first introduced during Animal Jam's Beta Testing and were removed when the game was officially released only to be later re-introduced in December 2015. Sapphires can be won from the Daily Spin, Treasure Hunts on 'Sapphire Wednesdays' (formerly), or bought with real money through in-app purchases. Animal Jam Classic players with Membership can also log in every day to obtain five free Sapphires.


Currently, New Jammers can choose from the Bunny, Monkey, Fox, Tiger, Panda or Wolf when they first start the game and those animals can also be purchased with Gems. Other animals are available through special bundles or purchased in the Sapphire Shop.

Animals AJ Counterpart Cost
Anteater None Sapphires
Arabian Horse Arabian Horse Sapphires
Arctic Fox Arctic Fox Sapphires
Arctic Hare None Sapphires
Arctic Wolf Arctic Wolf Sapphires
Asiatic Lion None Sapphires
Autumn Coyote Autumn Coyote Sapphires
Bat-Eared Fox None Sapphires
Blackbuck Antelope None Sapphires
Brachiosaurus None Pet Brachiosaurus (Sapphires)
Bunny Bunny Gems
Camel Camel Sapphires
Capybara None Sapphires
Cheetah Cheetah Sapphires
Chihuahua None Sapphires
Corsac Fox None Sapphires
Cougar Cougar Sapphires
Cow None Sapphires
Coyote Coyote Sapphires
Crocodile Crocodile Sapphires
Deer Deer Sapphires
Direwolf Direwolf Sapphires
Eagle Eagle Sapphires
Elephant Elephant Sapphires
Emperor Penguin None Sapphires
Falcon Falcon Sapphires
Fennec Fox Fennec Fox Sapphires
Flamingo Flamingo Sapphires
Flying Fox None Sapphires
Fox Fox Sapphires
French Bulldog None Sapphires
German Shepherd None Sapphires
Giraffe Giraffe Sapphires
Goat Goat Sapphires
Golden Pheasant None Sapphires
Golden Retriever None Sapphires
Gorilla None Sapphires
Grizzly Bear None Sapphires
Himalayan Cat None Sapphires
Himalayan Tahr None Sapphires
Hippo None Sapphires
Horse Horse Sapphires
Hyena Hyena Sapphires
Ili Pika None Sapphires
Kangaroo Kangaroo Sapphires
Koala Koala Sapphires
Komodo Dragon None Sapphires
Lemur Lemur Sapphires
Lion Lion Sapphires
Llama Llama Sapphires
Lynx Lynx Sapphires
Maine Coon Cat None Sapphires
Mammoth None Sapphires
Maned Wolf None Sapphires
Meerkat None Sapphires
Monkey Monkey Gems
Moose Moose Sapphires
Opossum None Sapphires
Ostrich Ostrich Sapphires
Otter Otter Sapphires
Owl Owl Sapphires
Painted Wolf None Sapphires
Panda Panda Sapphires
Parasaurolophus None Pet Parasaurolophus (Sapphires)
Peacock None Sapphires
Penguin Penguin Sapphires
Phantom None Sapphires
Platypus None Sapphires
Polar Bear Polar Bear Sapphires
Popa Langur None Sapphires
Porcupine None Sapphires
Pteranodon None Pet Pteranodon (Sapphires)
Python None Sapphires
Quokka None Sapphires
Raccoon Raccoon Sapphires
Rainbow Raccoon Rainbow Raccoon Sapphires
Red Panda Red Panda Sapphires
Rhino Rhino Sapphires
Sabertooth Sabertooth Sapphires
Scottish Fold Cat None Sapphires
Seal Seal Sapphires
Sheep Sheep Sapphires
Siamese Cat None Sapphires
Siberian Husky None Sapphires
Skunk Skunk Sapphires
Sloth Sloth Sapphires
Snow Leopard Snow Leopard Sapphires
Spooky Arctic Wolf None Sapphires
Spring Bunny Spring Bunny Promo Code
Stegosaurus None Pet Stegosaurus (Sapphires)
Tarantula None Sapphires
Tiger Tiger Sapphires
Tortoise None Sapphires
Toucan Toucan Sapphires
Triceratops None Pet Triceratops (Sapphires)
Tufted Deer None Sapphires
Tyrannosaurus None Pet Tyrannosaurus (Sapphires)
Unicorn None Pet Unicorn (Sapphires)
Wolf Wolf Gems
Wolverine None Sapphires
Zebra None Sapphires


The main shops are spread across each area in the game. These shops include Animal Jam Classic items seen in the original colors and new colors. There are also new clothing, wallpaper, flooring, and den items not yet available in Animal Jam Classic.

Shop AJ Counterpart
Alpha Headquarters Alpha Headquarters
Art Studio Art Studio
Claws 'N Paws Claws 'N Paws
Den Depot Den Depot
Epic Wonders Epic Wonders
Hot Cocoa Hut Hot Cocoa Hut
Island Threads None
Jam Mart Clothing Jam Mart Clothing
Jam Mart Furniture Jam Mart Furniture
Medical Center Medical Center
Outback Imports Outback Imports
Sapphire Shop None (based on Diamond Shop)
Shiveer Shoppe Shiveer Shoppe
Shoreline Decor None
Shop None
Tiny Shop None
Traveling Salesman Shop None
Tree-Planting Shop None
Treetop Gardens Treetop Gardens

Sapphire Shop[]

The Sapphire Shop in Play Wild is equivalent to the Diamond Shop in Animal Jam Classic. Everything in this shop is paid for using the game's premium currency, Sapphires. Like Animal Jam Classic's Diamond Shop, the Sapphire Shop sells a variety of Animals, Pets, Dens, Music, Den Items, Armor Sets, Clothing Accessories, and also Gems.

Jam Mart Flooring & Wallpaper[]

Unlike Animal Jam Classic, flooring and wallpaper options are not sold with the furniture in Play Wild. Instead, they each are sold in their own separate shop stands within the furniture store.


Jammers can purchase and wear a variety of clothing accessories, which changes depending on the season, to decorate their animals. The clothing is grouped into categories for items worn on the head, face, neck, back, tail, and feet. However, some of the face and head items cannot be worn at the same time. Some items worn on the tail, like those found in Animal Jam Classic, are not yet available in Play Wild, because Play Wild is newer and is limited to an app, and mobile devices have less storage than computers.


The only den available when Jammers first start is the Small House den, which is based on the Animal Jam Classic den with the same name. Premium dens are also available to purchase using Sapphires. Jammers can decorate their dens with a variety of furniture items and then allow other players to come to visit their den, just like in Animal Jam Classic.

Dens AJ Counterpart Cost
Alpine Lodge None Sapphires
Ancient Tree None Sapphires
Aquarium None Sapphires
Arabian Palace None Sapphires
Arctic Burrow None Sapphires
Bayou Bungalow None (similar to the Tree House) Sapphires
Beach House Beach House Sapphires
Blooming Beastro None Sapphires
Botanical Garden None Sapphires
Bounce House Bounce House Sapphires
Bunny Burrow None Sapphires
Candy Cavern None Sapphires
Castle Castle Sapphires
Cliffside Village None Sapphires
Desert Oasis None Sapphires
Fantasy Castle Fantasy Castle Sapphires
Floating Fortress None Sapphires
Friendship Cottage Friendship Cottage Sapphires
Gingerbread House Gingerbread House & Jamaaliday House Sapphires
Haunted Mansion Haunted Mansion & Epic Haunted Manor Sapphires
Heart Chalet None Sapphires
Honeypot Hollow None Sapphires
Igloo Peak None Sapphires
Jamaaliday Gift Palace None Sapphires
Jungle Treehouse None Sapphires
Lucky Castle Lucky Castle Sapphires
Marshland None Sapphires
Moonlight Manor None Sapphires
Mystical Fortress None Sapphires
Outback Hideaway None Sapphires
Pegasus Palace None Sapphires
Phantom Fortress None Sapphires
Pirate Cove None Sapphires
Pixel Place Pixel Place Sapphires
Polar Palace None (similar to the Winter Palace) Sapphires
Princess Castle Princess Castle Sapphires
Python Palace None Sapphires
Ridgeside Cavern None Sapphires
Safari Manor None Sapphires
Seaside Lighthouse None Sapphires
Shamrock Basin None Sapphires
Small House Small House Gems
Snow Fortress None Sapphires
Snowy Citadel None (similar to Igloo Estate) Sapphires
Spooky Villa None Sapphires
Spring Cottage Spring Cottage Sapphires
Tiger Temple None Sapphires
Tree House None Sapphires
Treetop Roost None Sapphires
Vintage Estate None Sapphires
Volcano Isle None (similar to the Volcano) Sapphires
Water Park None (similar to the Water Park) Sapphires
Woolly Salon None Sapphires


There are a number of music tracks that can be purchased from the Sapphire Shop. Once obtained, these tracks can be activated in the player's den to play that music in a loop.


Pets can be purchased from the Sapphire Shop or from Claws 'N Paws in Appondale. Once obtained, a pet will follow the player's animal avatar or play with any nearby toys made for that type of pet.

Pets AJ Counterpart
Pet Arctic Fox Pet Arctic Fox
Pet Arctic Wolf Pet Arctic Wolf
Pet Armadillo Lizard None
Pet Australian Cattle Puppy None (similar to Pet Puppy)
Pet Axolotl None
Pet Baby Chick Pet Baby Chick
Pet Camel Pet Camel
Pet Coyote Pet Coyote
Pet Crocodile Pet Crocodile
Pet Direwolf Pet Direwolf
Pet Dove Pet Dove
Pet Ducky Pet Ducky
Pet Eagle Pet Eagle
Pet Elephant Pet Elephant
Pet Falcon Pet Falcon
Pet Fennec Fox Pet Fennec Fox
Pet Firefly Pet Firefly
Pet Frog Pet Frog
Pet Fuzzy Lop Bunny None (similar to Pet Bunny)
Pet Gecko Pet Gecko
Pet Goat Pet Goat
Pet Hedgehog Pet Hedgehog
Pet Highland Pony None (similar to Pet Pony)
Pet Honey Badger None
Pet Honeybee Pet Honeybee
Pet Hyena Pet Hyena
Pet Jerboa None
Pet King Cobra None (similar to Pet Snake)
Pet Lab Puppy Pet Puppy
Pet Lemur Pet Lemur
Pet Lovebug Pet Lovebug
Pet Lynx Pet Lynx
Pet Magenta Kitty None
Meagyn's Pet Bear Meagyn's Pet Bear
Pet Midnight Kitty None
Pet Monarch Butterfly None (similar to Pet Butterfly)
Pet Ocelot Kitty None (similar to Pet Kitty)
Pet Panda Pet Panda
Pet Parrot None
Pet Peacock Pet Peacock
Pet Pekin Rooster Pet Rooster
Pet Persian Kitty None (similar to Pet Kitty)
Pet Phantom Pet Phantom
Pet Polar Bear Pet Polar Bear
Pet Poodle Puppy Pet Poodle
Pet Rattlesnake None
Pet Reindeer Pet Reindeer
Pet Rockhopper Penguin Pet Penguin
Pet Sabertooth Pet Sabertooth
Pet Snow Leopard Pet Snow Leopard
Pet Snowy Owl None (similar to Pet Owl)
Pet Spider Monkey None (similar to Pet Monkey)
Pet Spotted Lab Puppy Pet Puppy
Pet Squirrel Pet Squirrel
Pet Sugar Glider Pet Sugar Glider
Pet Swan None
Pet Tabby Kitty Pet Kitty
Pet Tarantula Pet Tarantula
Pet Unicorn None
Pet Vampire Bat None (similar to Pet Bat)
Pet Wild Turkey Pet Turkey


There are many den items available for purchase and some of them are exclusive to certain seasons. Den items are categorized as either wallpaper, flooring, plants, rugs, plushies, decorations, seats, or devices. Many of the items in the seat category can be clicked by Jammers to cause their animal to automatically sit in the seat.

When Jammers place these items in their dens, they can be rotated up to eight times to see all the sides of the item, unlike Animal Jam Classic which only shows one side of the item and it can only be flipped horizontally. Also, certain items can be stacked on top of other items, such as the Swirly Pillow and Striped Pillow, to create unique walkways and layouts.


These are the current areas that are available in the game, Play Wild.

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The other areas that can be found in Animal Jam Classic (such as Crystal Reef, Bahari Bay, Kani CoveDeep Blue, and Balloosh) are yet to be added to Animal Jam. There are no aquatic animals yet.


There a number of Animal Jam Classic based places that can be entered from the main areas:

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Some of the Animal Jam Classic places can be found in Animal Jam, but they are boarded up and have a "Coming Soon" sign on them such as the Flag Shop, the upper floors of the Chamber of Knowledge, the Conservation Museum, and the Art Studio; these are expected to come out in later updates.

There are also secret rooms located in most of the main areas around Jamaa. These rooms can only be accessed by a certain animal. Each secret room has an exclusive statue, item, and arcade game that can be bought:

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  • Monkeys in Sarepia Forest
  • Bunnies in The Lost Temple of Zios
  • Tigers in Crystal Sands
  • Wolves in Coral Canyons
  • Arctic Wolves in Mt. Shiveer
  • Horses in Canyons Pathway
  • Foxes in Appondale
  • Raccoons in The Lost Temple of Zios (Beside the river/stream)
  • Lions in Appondale (Near the Mud Pit)
  • Lemurs in Sarepia Forest (in the trees)


There are several mini-games available to play that are very similar to their Animal Jam Classic counterparts:

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[[File:Play-Wild_Phantom-Runner_Gameplay-1.png|thumb|A Play Wild exclusive game, Escape the Phantoms.] However, some of the mini-games are unique to Play Wild:

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Photo Booth[]

The Photo Booth can be found with a coming soon sign across it, meaning that it will also be available in the future. But photos can already be taken using the picture option.

There are also "Buddy Games" (two-player mini-games) that are similar to mini-games found in Animal Jam Classic such as King Pin (which is similar to Bowling), Ladybug Lane (which is similar to Four Gem), Super Cube, Pop'n, Scooped, Checkers, Trivia (which is similar to Temple of Trivia), and Stack Attack.

Treasure Hunt[]

The Treasure Hunt is a feature that has not yet been implemented in Animal Jam Classic. Every twenty-four hours, there is a set of treasure hunts for each animal; certain days have extra treasure hunts such as Sapphire Wednesdays or Rare Item Mondays. In each treasure hunt, the player is presented with a set of twenty locked doors and a certain number of keys to unlock some of the doors; regular treasure hunts start with five keys and add extra keys for each extra animal, while the special treasure hunts have a fixed number of keys. For each treasure hunt, there is an exclusive item hidden in a green treasure chest and sometimes there are also blue chests that reward Sapphires; all of the other doors contain varying amounts of Gems.


The party system is very similar to the one found in Animal Jam Classic: each party takes place in a themed room and lasts for thirty minutes. Additionally, some parties are exclusive to a certain season or a certain event. Unlike Animal Jam Classic, however, there are typically only six parties during a given day and they repeat in the same order every three hours.

Parties AJ Counterpart
April Fool's Party April Fools' Party
Beach Party Heatwave Party
Birthday Party Birthday-Themed Jammer Parties
Bunnies Only Party Bunnies Only Party
Chinese New Year Party Chinese New Year Party
Dance Party Dance-Themed Jammer Parties
Dinner Party Dinner Party
Foxes Only Party None
Freedom Party Freedom Party
Friendship Party Friendship Party
Horses Only Party Horses Only Party
Jamaaliday Jam Jamaaliday Jam
Lemurs Only Party None
Lucky Party Lucky Party
Penguins Only Party Penguins Only Party
Play-As-Your-Pet Party Play-As-Your-Pet Party
Raccoons Only Party None
Schoolhouse Party Schoolhouse Party
Sheep Only Party None
Spooky Party Spooky Party
Tea Party None
Tigers Only Party None
Trading Party Trading Party
Wolves Only Party Wolves Only Party


Packs are groups of Jammers that the player can join. Inside of the pack, Jammers may do Pack Runs with other Jammers to collect Fireflies, Beetles, Ladybugs, crabs, crops, pumpkins, or presents, which will put their pack on the leaderboard if it has enough. The maximum amount of Jammers that can join a pack is 25.

Daily Spin[]

Similar to the Daily Spin from Animal Jam Classic - where Jammers spin a wheel to win Gems, Diamonds, or clothing items - the Daily Spin from Animal Jam distributes Gems, Sapphires, Potions, clothing items, and den items.

Augmented Reality[]


Play Wild's Augmented Reality Is Amazing! Animal Jam - Play Wild

Starting in November 2017, Animal Jam introduced an "AR" (Augmented Reality) feature that works by overlaying game-play elements onto a video that is captured from the device's camera in real-time. As a result, it appears as if parts of the game are actually in the real world. It was originally only capable of overlaying animals, but it was updated during the Summer of 2018 to include den items and pets as well. The different elements rendered on the screen can be interacted with using various controls. The feature is available for devices that run iOS version 11 or higher.

Missing Features[]

Despite being based on Animal Jam Classic, there are a number of features that have not yet been added to Animal Jam.


One of the major differences from Animal Jam Classic is that Animal Jam's concept of Membership is different. There are some members-only items, but no members-only dens or animals. Instead, there is a premium shop with in-app purchases (for benefits, such as exclusive items, animals, and dens) that can only be received with real money. Members can, however, win 5 free sapphires every day and get a free weekly member's gift. Packs have been added as a members-only feature.


There are no oceans areas available as of yet. As such, there are also no ocean-related games, items, dens, or animals available either. However, the oceans areas are seen as places on the Treasure Hunt map.


  • Animal Jam Classic members receive a gift of 5 sapphires every day when they login to Animal Jam, but originally, members were only rewarded with 1 Sapphire. They also receive a weekly membership gift.
  • In the original Treasure Hunt, the player was presented with an expanded Jamaa world map that had certain locations marked; each location corresponded to a certain type of animal. There were also special locations that could be accessed by any type of animal, but these only appeared on certain days.
    • Many areas that are not yet available to Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic can be seen in the original Treasure Hunt map:
"Arctic Rookery"
"Ashfall Volcano"
"Autumn Thicket"
"Bayou Delta"
"Crystal Fields"
"Distant Woods"
"Floral Field"
"Foothill Forest"
"Grand Ravine"
"Hidden Coast"
"North Timberland"
"Northtide Glacier"
"Phantom Abyss"
"Phantom Ship"
"Pitfall Orchards"
"Polar Floe"
"Seaway Trench"
"Thirsty Oasis"
"Turtleback Isle"
"Wild Waterhole"
  • Each main area has at least one mini-game.
  • The secret rooms for each animal seem similar to the "animal bases" idea that AJHQ announced as a planned feature just after Animal Jam Classic Beta Testing. However, these were never added to Animal Jam.
  • The head and face clothing categories in Animal Jam are grouped into a single head category for Animal Jam Classic.
  • While many of the Animal Jam Classic lands are available in Animal Jam, these lands are not identical and there are various differences throughout them.
  • There is one Tiki Sign for each Animal Zone: in Jamaa Township, there's what seems to be a Panda one, possibly hinting at a new animal for future updates. However, during the 0.7.0 build, the Panda sign was removed.
  • Instead of a square-shaped color palette like the one found in Animal Jam Classic, Animal Jam uses a round-shaped color palette.
  • Items can be recycled similar to Animal Jam Classic, but in Animal Jam, Jammers can select multiple items at once to recycle and they also receive a confirmation for all of the items before they are actually recycled. This was added to Animal Jam Classic later on.
  • The doorway to the Adventure Base Camp camp can be seen in Animal Jam, but it is boarded up and does not include any signs suggesting that it will be added in the future.
  • Unlike Animal Jam Classic, the price for buying a Gem animal increases by 3,000 Gems for each of that animal type that is already owned. For example: if a player already owns four bunnies, the fifth bunny they buy will cost 15,000 Gems instead of the regular price of 3,000 Gems.
  • The beta players received a mail with a code. By redeeming the code, the players received the mythical Founder's Items never before seen on Android.
  • Pets were introduced to Animal Jam in June 2016.
  • The blue crystal shards found in The Forgotten Desert look very similar to the Animal Jam premium currency, Sapphires.
  • The app was taken off the store from May 27 to July 1, 2015, for unknown reasons.