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COPPA (the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) is a United States law that prohibits service providers (such as FANDOM) from collecting any personal information from individuals that are under the age of 13. As such, it is a violation of the FANDOM Terms of Use for an individual under the age of 13 to sign up for a FANDOM account. When discovered, FANDOM is required by law to delete the personal information that they have collected from an underage user and disable the underage user's account.

The Animal Jam Classic Wiki is not required to actively enforce violations of FANDOM's Terms of Use, but our community has established the following policy regarding underage users:

  • A user may be blocked if there is evidence that the user is under the age of 13. These blocks should be temporary and expire at the nearest approximate date when the user will no longer be under the age of 13 based on the evidence obtained. The evidence may be one of the following:
    1. The user directly states their age. (For example - "I am 12 years old.")
    2. The user indirectly reveals their age. (For example - "I was 3 years old the last time the Leap Year Party arrived.")
  • Evidence may not be acceptable in the following circumstances:
    1. The evidence is ambiguous and does not clearly define the user's age. (For example - "I am in the 5th grade.")
    2. The evidence lacks a serious context and could be said jokingly. (For example - "Yea right, and I am 5 years old.")
    3. The source of the evidence cannot be independently verified. (For example - a screenshot of a private chat conversation with the user cannot be verified by the administrators.)
    4. The source of the evidence lacks a relative date. (For example - a message on another website that does not include any date might be very old.)
    5. The source of the evidence is from another account that the user has not identified as being theirs. (For example - a profile from another website that uses the same name as the user might not actually be the same user.)
  • Any user may report another user to FANDOM Staff if they have found clear, simple evidence on a FANDOM page that proves the other user is underage.
  • Prior underage blocks that do not meet these criteria may be reviewed and revised at the administrative team's discretion.