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Chat Policy

Note: The chatroom feature is currently disabled on the wiki.
The rules on this page relate to the chatroom. Breaking these rules could result in a warning from the bot, a kick, a chat ban, or even a whole-wiki block. Chat moderators have discretion in their interpretation of the following rules - if you feel you have been wrongly punished, please message an administrator, giving details of what happened and at what time - this allows them to use the chat logs to identify the problem.

Wikia's chat extension is an on-site live chat that registered users may utilize to communicate with fellow wiki members in real time. It is currently disabled on this wiki, and the below information is preserved for posterity.

AJWChatBot logs chat while it is present. Logs can be found at
The help page for chat can be found here.
Chat ban log


A chat moderator can use the bot to add or remove warnings from a user. Once a user hits 3 warnings, they will be kicked from chat. 4 warnings will result in a 3 day ban, while 5 warnings will result in an infinite ban.

Main chat

1. Low level profanity (such as "hell", "damn", "piss", and "crap") is permitted in chat. Use of any other profanities (including their abbreviations, purposely-misspelled variations, and implied variations) will result in a warning.

2. Do not spam/flood chat. Spamming or flooding is the use of characters to rapidly fill up portions or the entirety of the chat window, and disrupts the flow of conversation as well as causing latency for some users. The following is classified as spam/flood -

2 or more lines of consecutive chat in all caps
Using an unreasonable number of emoticons
repeating the same sequence of characters multiple times
excessive use of ChatTags
excessive, or abuse of, bot commands

3. Shipping wiki users is prohibited unless the express permission of both users has been granted, with evidence to show it has been given.

4. Trolling users is not permitted. Trolling is the use of chat to make fun of other users, to try and make them upset, or disrupt chat. Such behavior is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Teasing may be permitted, but you must cease if the user shows discomfort.

5. All links submitted to main chat must be suitable - mild content can be tagged with "profanity", "gore", "horror" etc, but it is up to chat moderators to make the decision of what constitutes "mild". Links that contain profanity in the url may not be posted in main chat

6. Trying to solicit personal information is prohibited by Wikia, and as such on this wiki. If users give you personal information in a PM, you may not pass it on unless you have their explict permission.

7. If you are asked to drop a topic of conversation by a user, please do so.

8. Alts are permitted on chat, as long as chat moderators are aware that it is one - if not, it is counted as a sockpuppet.

9. If you are using alts on chat, please do not leave any other accounts controlled by you on chat as well.

10. Chat logging is permitted, but unofficial logs cannot be used as evidence.

11. Do not ask for program torrents on the chat.

12. Linking to other wikis is fine - linking to other chats is not.

13. Encouraging or planning chat invasions is not permitted.

14. In general, what happens in a PM should remain in a PM. The exception is if an incident requires reporting to an administrator.

15. Advertising in chat is forbidden.

16. Given that the language of this wiki is English (American English, to be exact), please limit the use of other languages, since other users cannot understand what you are saying and it therefore disrupts chat. This also applies to fonts such as Wingdings. Both examples above are permitted in moderation (eg up to 3 lines in a row).

17. If you are taking video recordings of chat, you must gain the explicit permission of every person on chat during the filming period before you upload it. Failure to do so will result in a warning.

18. Moderators reserve the right to remove any user from chat if they deem them to be having a detrimental effect.


Most things prohibited in main chat are permitted in private messages (PMs) or group private messages (GPMs), providing all the users involved are happy about certain rules being ignored.

Chat bots

Chat bots add extra functionality to the chat through the availability of various commands. Below are the currently active chat bots.

Bot Name Manager(s) Purpose
AJWChatBot Xytl Various chat commands, chat logging

Chat bans

If you want to appeal chat bans or warnings, you can either talk to the relevant user directly or you can use the chat discussion forum.


  • To color your message- [c="YourColorHere"]YourMessageHere[/c]
  • To implement your message in a different font- [font="YourFontHere"]Your message here[/font]
  • To bold your message- [b]YourMessageHere[/b]
  • To italicize your message- [i]YourMessageHere[/i]
  • To strike through your message- [s]YourMessageHere[/s]
  • To underline your message- [u]YourMessageHere[/u]
  • To make your message big- [big]YourMessageHere[/big]
  • To make your message small- [small]YourMessageHere[/small]
  • To implement your message in superscript- [sup]YourMessageHere[/sup]
  • To implement your message in subscript- [sub]YourMessageHere[/sub]
  • To implement your message in a mono-spaced font- [code]YourMessageHere[/code]

Excessive use of chat tags may result in removal from chat.