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Comment Policy

This page details the policy not only for comments, but for threads as well.
Threads are a form of communication that can be found on users' message walls and on the Discussion boards.
Comments are the communication system that can be found at the bottom of articles and blog posts.

Article Comments

Unlike the articles on which they reside, article comments are not bound by the formal guidelines that surround articles. As such, article comments have their own set of policies that users must abide by when posting them:

All article comments are subject to Wikia's Terms of Use and AJW's User Conduct Policy.
Article comments should be used for:

  • Discussion of Editing (comments about edits, suggesting changes, requesting help with editing)
  • Discussion of the Topic (questions about the topic, opinions about the topic, information about the topic)

Article comments should NOT include any of the following:

  • Completely off-topic messages
  • Spamming (posting the same message multiple times or on multiple articles)
  • Profanity (with the exception of mild words such as "hell", "damn", "piss", and "crap")
  • Trolling (purposely disrupting comments to upset and/or ridicule other users)
  • Shipping (portraying a romantic pairing that includes another user)
  • Inappropriate Links (linking to content that is not PG)
  • External Advertising (promoting off-topic content)
  • Excessive Foreign Language (English is the primary language of this wiki)

Additionally, comments requesting or advertising trades (the in-game transfer of items, pets, etc.) may be removed 30 days after they were posted.

Blog Comments & Thread Replies

You should use comments to talk about the topic in question with other wiki members! They are a great place to iterate what you think about the subject. Be sure to use them courteously and open-mindedly, as with any discussion service of Wikia.

While commenting, you should not:

  • Post comments that are off-topic to the blog or thread that they are on. If you want to do that, please navigate to the appropriate page or create a new thread on the Off-topic Board of the forums.
    • An off-topic "bump" message that only serves to update the thread's activity is permitted only after 24 hours have elapsed since the last reply for non-highlighted threads.
  • Be rude to other users or post derogatory comments about anyone! This makes no one happy, especially if it starts an argument.
  • Use the comment section as advertisement for your personal trades, Animal Jam Classic account or userpages. We have a Trade board for a reason! Animal Jam Classic information should be placed on your userpage.


Threads may be closed if:

  • the purpose of the thread is derogatory or otherwise unsuitable
  • the thread has grown larger than 200-300 replies (at that point, the topic should be continued on a new thread)
  • the thread has had over 1 month pass with no new responses and has started attracting replies (necroposting)
  • the thread has had no relevant activity in 1 month


Although penalties in the comments section are generally much more lenient than elsewhere on the wiki, enough infractions can result in your being warned or banned. In general, the penalties are up to the discretion of the administrator, but you will generally be given a warning after a few infractions and be banned if this does not stop.


Users with the threadmoderator permissions (Administrators & others) are responsible for reviewing the content of forum and message-wall threads. Users with the commentcontrol permissions (Custodians, Administrators, & others) are responsible for reviewing the content of article and blog comments. These users should aim to check every communication that is currently active through Special:RecentChanges and weed out any responses that break the guidelines mentioned above. They are expected to do so with good judgement and while following this guide.