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Media Policy

This policy is for the Animal Jam Classic Wiki's images, videos, and other assorted media, to make sure all uploaded files are properly categorized and copyrighted. Most files are copyrighted under fair use, so we need to make sure we're copyrighting our images properly.

Following this policy reduces the possibility of us getting into trouble over images, it means that there is less work for the admins and it organizes images to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Our custodians, moderators and admins should help enforce this policy with their file renaming and deleting powers.

How to upload media to this wiki

Media should only be uploaded to this wiki provided you are giving the following information:

  • Licensing information
    • When uploading an image please select a choice from the drop down menu on "Licensing". Most images will fall under fair use. If not, you can select a different option, based on the website you received it from.

If this information is not given then the image runs the risk of being deleted by an admin or custodian.

  • Please give the file a descriptive name when uploading - for example, "File:Birthday_candle.png" would be a good name, whereas "screenshot-25-12-2015-19-07.png" is unhelpful since it is difficult to remember, and locate if needs be.

How to use images on this wiki

  • Pictures should be named sensibly, preferably with a title that describes it, not a random series of numbers and letters.
  • Do not upload fan-created images into articles - this means nothing that has been photo-shopped (apart from minor edits to improve clarity/quality) and no fanart.
  • Do not upload images of custom animals into articles - this means no animals with custom colors or accessories (with the exception of relevant images that depict a glitch or group activity).
  • Please use high quality images wherever possible - if the only image you have is blurry then feel free to use that, but please look for as high quality as possible.
  • Please try to not upload screenshots of your whole screen when trying to upload an image to an article. If possible, please try to crop the image so that only the necessary part is seen. If this is not followed, the image might be deleted from the article.
  • Try not to add multiples of the same or very similar images - images should complement articles, not overwhelm them.
  • Please do not upload images that can cause seizures or are flashing, for the safety of everyone.
  • Please do not use image types other than ideally PNG (or otherwise JPEG) on article pages. GIFs should only be used to illustrate animal actions, pet actions, and lengthy den item animations.
  • Please note: This wiki should not be used for uploading images simply for use on other sites. Any images uploaded to this wiki that are not used somewhere on this wiki may be deleted.

Under what terms images should be deleted

Images should be deleted by custodians, moderators or admins if:

  • They are not in use on any page in this wiki
  • They violate Wikia's Terms of Use or the Animal Jam Classic Wiki rules
  • They are used without permission of the original creator, be it on the wiki or off
  • They are a duplicate or near-duplicate of an existing file

Under what terms images should be renamed

Custodians, moderators or admins should rename images appropriately if:

  • Their name is already in use on the wiki, replacing one or more files (be sure to fix redirects appropriately)
  • Their name does not identify what the image depicts