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Voting Policy

Voting is the process by which the community decides which significant changes should or should not be implemented.

Voting Requirements

Users wishing to participate in active community votes must have joined the community (evidenced by making some sort of edit) at least 14 days prior to casting their vote. In the case of voting on Requests for Rights, users must have at least 50 overall edits (in any namespace) and have joined the wiki at least 35 days prior to casting their vote.

Community Voting

For the archive of community votes, see Animal Jam Classic Wiki:Archives/Voting.

Community Voting takes place entirely as threads on the forums. The specific forum board used is typically dependent on the content of the vote. Votes involving the chat system usually occur on the Chat Discussion board. Voting about policy, general rights, or other changes regarding how the wiki itself is operated often takes place on the Meta Talk Forum board. Other, more general votes about changing various content around the wiki are placed on the General Discussion board.

Discussing a Vote

Prior to creating a voting thread, a discussion about the topic must be created to help clarify what the vote will be about. The discussion thread should have "[Discussion]" prepended to the thread title and contain a general description of what needs to be changed and why. The discussion portion should answer questions brought up by community members and allow for feedback to help shape a better voting proposal. The thread should typically be added to an active community announcement to ensure that regular users are notified about it.

Creating a Vote

Once the discussion thread has no more activity after being up for at least 7 days, a vote on the subject can be created. A voting thread should have "[Vote]" prepended to the thread title and contain clear explanations of the desired change that is to be decided by the vote. Votes created without a prior discussion are subject to immediate closure. As with discussions, the voting thread should be added to an active community announcement to ensure that regular users are notified about it.

Casting a Vote

Community members can cast their votes by replying to a voting thread with one of the three voting templates ({{support}}, {{neutral}}, or {{oppose}}) along with an explanation of their choice. The explanation helps verify that the voter understood the content of the vote. Community members are to reply only once to a vote. If a community member replies more than once, their older replies may be merged or deleted.

Counting Votes

Voting ends once the voting thread's activity has stopped after at least 7 days of being available to voters, at which point the thread is closed, the result is calculated, and a summary of the thread is archived. Standard binary (yes/no) community votes are counted by equally dividing any neutral voters between the support voters and the oppose voters. Community votes with more than 2 outcomes can be counted directly as the number of supporters for a particular outcome. If the resulting support voters constitute 60% or more of the total voters, the vote is determined to have passed. If this 60% support is not obtained, the vote is said to have failed. In cases of more than 2 outcomes, subsequent run-off votes can be created using only the most supported outcomes.

Rights Voting

For the archive of Request for Rights, see Animal Jam Classic Wiki:Archives/RfR.

Rights Voting takes place entirely in the Animal Jam Classic Wiki namespace as subpages of Request for Position, where "position" is one of Custodian, Content Moderator, Discussions Moderator, Administrator, or Bureaucrat. The subpage is titled after the user requesting the rights, so the entire page path is like Animal Jam Classic Wiki:Request for Position/USERNAME.

Creating a Vote

Request for Rights are created through the Animal Jam Classic Wiki:Request for User Rights page by clicking on the corresponding "Click To Create A ... RfR" button for one particular rights group. This will open a pop-up dialog where the personal statement can be entered before submitting. The personal statement should include a clear explanation for why the user would be suitable and include any prior experience if applicable. After creating a new Request for Rights, an administrator (or another staff member) should be notified so that they can then notify the rest of the community, typically by creating a thread that links to the vote and then adding the thread to an active community announcement. Requests for Rights are subject to immediate deletion if any of the following apply:

  • the user does not meet the requirements set for the user rights
  • the user was banned/blocked at any point during the two weeks prior to creating the request
  • the user had a previous RfR that was still active within two weeks prior to creating the new request
  • the user was explicitly banned from making an RfR
  • the RfR was created as an attempt to spam the community

Casting a Vote

Community members can cast their votes by clicking on the "Vote" button on the request page, which will open a pop-up dialog where the vote of "Support", "Neutral", or "Oppose" can be selected from a drop-down and then the explanation of their choice can be entered. If a user wishes to modify or remove their previous vote, they can simply click the "Vote" button again, make the desired changes, and then click the appropriate button.

Counting Votes

Voting ends after at least 5 days have elapsed, at which point the voting details are archived along with the calculated result before the entire Request for Rights page and its corresponding "Votes" sub-page are deleted. The result is calculated by counting the number of supporting voters divided by the total number of both supporting and opposing voters, ignoring the number of neutral voters. In order to succeed, a request must gain support from at least 75% of voters and have at least 4 voters participate.