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Rights is the word used to describe the ability to perform certain actions that are not available to other users. Below is a brief description of what each rights group allows you to do.

Rights and Users


A custodian (usually known as the rollback/moderator group) is responsible for keeping the wiki tidy. To this end, they are equipped with the abilities to delete pages (for example, duplicate pages that have been created by new users or spam pages that have been created by vandals), remove comments from pages, and edit comments. They can also edit user blogs, and move files on the wiki. They also have the rollback ability, which allows them to quickly revert all the edits made by a user. They have teal usernames on the wiki.


  • 3 months of wiki experience
  • 200 mainspace edits

Current Custodians:


Since November 21, 2020
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Content Moderators

Content Moderators have all of the abilities and responsibilities as Custodians. What sets Content Moderators apart is their additional abilities. They have the ability to undelete pages and files that were deleted by mistake or in error, as well as the ability to review all of the content that has been deleted by other staff members. They can also mark edits as patrolled, which essentially records that they have reviewed the edit thoroughly and have determined that it does not violate any policies. They also have the ability to protect a page from further edits if it is being frequently vandalized or if users continuously repeat reverted edits on it, also known as an edit war. They have blue usernames on the wiki.


  • 4 months of wiki experience
  • 400 mainspace edits

Current Content Moderators:

Content Moderator

Since September 18, 2020
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Discussions Moderators

Discussions Moderators are responsible for reviewing and managing all of the communications on the wiki. To do so, they are granted the ability to manage the threads on any user's message wall (editing & removing any messages) as well as the ability to manage the comments on articles and any user's blog (editing & deleting any messages). They also have a large responsibility as an administrator of the forums, which allows them not only to edit, move, and remove any messages, but also to highlight important official threads such as discussions and votes. They have dark pink usernames on the wiki.


  • 4 months of wiki experience
  • 450 forum thread edits
  • 100 mainspace edits

Current Discussions Moderators:

Discussions Moderator

Since October 14, 2018
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Discussions Moderator

Since February 15, 2021
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Administrators (also known as sysops) have the abilities from the custodian and chat moderator groups, in addition to some different ones. They are able to change page protection to one of three levels - available for all to edit, available for just registered users to edit, and restricting editing to only other administrators. They can access the Theme Design feature, allowing them to change the background, color scheme, and logo of the wiki. Admins can also edit the Mediawiki pages, the only user group which can do so. They are able to promote other users to lower rights groups. Administrators have purple usernames on the wiki.

Being an administrator carries a lot of responsibility. Though they should ideally not be thought of as leaders, members of the community will often look to them to make decisions and ultimately shape the wiki. This makes it important that only dedicated users are given sysop rights. Administrators should try and operate within the bounds of policy at all times unless an issue cannot be resolved without 'creative' thinking. In such cases, consulting with other users is especially important. Communication can make a lot of difference in the effectiveness of an administrator - good communication can lead to improved quality of the content of pages, while bad communication can lead to users becoming bitter at unexplained decisions, and may result in a vote of no confidence in that particular admin.


  • 6 months of wiki experience
  • 600 mainspace edits

Current Administrators:

There are currently no users who are solely administrators.


One of the least privileged user rights groups. A bureaucrat's only ability is to have complete control over local user rights groups, with the exception of demoting other bureaucrats. For this reason, bureaucrats frequently also have administrator rights as well. This position is usually only given to users who have consistently demonstrated dedication to the wiki and common sense when dealing with day to day matters on the wiki. Bureaucrats can be identified by their red username on the wiki.


  • 1 year of wiki experience
  • 1,000 mainspace edits

Current Bureaucrats:


Since June 15, 2021
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The bot right holds mainly symbolic value, as its only purpose is an entirely functional one - hiding all the edits from the normal view of Wiki Activity. Bots don't always have their own highlighted names. Bots on the wiki always answer to their operators.

Loss of rights

Users may lose their rights for several reasons. The most common ones are listed below:

  • Inactivity - when users are inactive for long periods of time, they may lose their rights in order to allow new users to be righted while maintaining reasonable numbers of righted users at that level; however, righted users planning to have a temporary a period of inactivity may still keep their rights by signing themselves off on the wiki inactivity page
  • Violation of wiki rules - a significant violation of the wiki's rules may result in a user being derighted, and sometimes blocked
  • Vote - if the community is unhappy with the way a righted user is behaving, a vote may be held to deright the aforementioned user
  • Request - sometimes users leave the wiki because of reasons including loss of interest in the topic matter, or personal matters, and will often request demotion before leaving

Applying for rights

Rights can be obtained by making a successful "Request for Rights", usually known as an "RfR". An application can be made at Animal Jam Classic Wiki:Request for User Rights. In order to succeed, a request must gain support from more than 75% of voters, providing the requirements are met. The RfR will be closed after 5 days have passed.

A user must meet the following criteria in order to create an RfR:

  • not have been banned/blocked at any point two weeks prior to creating the request
  • not be explicitly banned from making an RfR
  • not have created an RfR in two weeks
  • fulfill all of the requirements listed on Project:Request for User Rights