This page seeks to address common questions that new users often have. If your question is not answered here or you do not understand the answer (or it lacks enough detail), please ask an administrator.

About This Wiki


For questions regarding how to obtain rights (becoming a custodian, administrator, etc), please see the user rights guide and the request for rights page.


For questions regarding the voting process, see Animal Jam Wiki:Policy/Voting Policy. For details about past votes, see Animal Jam Wiki:Archives.


The founder of this wiki was Sageleaf, but they left in March 2012 and are no longer active. For more information about the history of this wiki, see Animal Jam Wiki:History.

About Editing

The USERNAME template

On some pages, you may see your username included in a place you did not expect. It is possible that the author of the comment or page has used the USERNAME template, which automatically fills in the username of the user viewing the page. You can replicate the effect by typing {{USERNAME}}. This should only be used on personal pages or threads.

Floating Images

User pages can have images fixed to a certain part of the window so that they appear to be floating in place. This can be done with some simple CSS code such as <div style="position:fixed;left:100px;top:300px">[[File:Image.png]]</div>. However, these images cannot be too large or positioned in such a way that they block parts of the normal Wikia interface, as that would be a violation of the Wikia Terms of Use. This type of formatting should not be used on articles.