User rights

To see a list of current users with rights, and a breakdown of what each rights group does, please see Animal Jam Wiki:User Rights Guide.

Gaining user rights
Rights are gained through a democratic process called an RfR (Request for Rights) in which users vote on whether the user should be granted the rights.

Grounds for loss of rights

1. Inactivity

2. Failure to use rights when an opportunity arises (eg not warning someone violating chat rules)

3. Failure to act responsibly and maturely on the wiki

4. Rights abuse (see below)

5. Rights revamp, special vote or council decision

Rights abuse

The following situations are categorized as rights abuse:

1. Threatening a user with kicks, demotions, bans or blocks even if the user is not violating any rules

2. Protecting pages unnecessarily to promote a version of the page that they agree with, rather than discussing it with the other editor

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