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The Switch Animals button

Animals are the avatars that represent Jammers in Animal Jam Classic. There are a variety of animals for both members and non-members. Every Jammer can create and store multiple animal avatars and then switch between them. Non-members can only store two animals, but Jammers with a Membership can store one thousand animals at once.


An example of the old Choose an Animal screen

New animal avatars can be purchased through the Switch Animals menu by clicking on the "Add Animal" button where an empty slot is available. When creating an animal, Jammers must choose a name that consists of three parts, and this name will stay with the animal forever. Most Animals will cost Diamonds to create for the first time, but any more made of the same type will only be 1,000 gems like all non-diamond Animals.


Jammers can recycle existing animals in storage by clicking the bin symbol in the Switch Animals menu and then selecting the animal to delete. Every Animal will return 500 Gems to the Jammer upon recycling. When an exclusive animal (such as one purchased with Diamonds or obtained through a promotional offer) is recycled, a new animal of that type can still be created at a price of 1,000 Gems; however, an animal cannot be recreated if it is currently listed as "Exploring", "Traveling", "Endangered", or is otherwise made unavailable.


Every animal can be customized through the Change Your Look menu. Animals have a primary color and a secondary color as well as a variety of eye shapes and Patterns to choose from. Each of the customization options includes a palette of fifty colors to make the animal unique.


Beyond changing the animal itself, Jammers can also customize their animals by adding clothing accessories. Land and flying animals can wear five pieces of clothing for their head, neck, body, legs, and tail. However, ocean animals can only wear four pieces of clothing, as they do not have tail-type accessories. All clothing is either for use in land areas or ocean areas, and they are not interchangeable. Animals that can go both on land and underwater, such as the seal, can have two different sets of clothing saved, one for over and one for underwater.

Animal Types

There are four main types of animals: land, ocean, amphibious, and flying. Land animals were the first type to be introduced and were initially the only type available in the game; they can be used in areas that are predominantly land and the majority of Adventures. Ocean animals were first introduced in September 2011, and they can only be used in the special Ocean areas and Adventures. Amphibious animals, as the name implies, share the areas of both Land and Ocean type animals. In February 2014, the flying type of Animal was released. They can explore any map that isn't underwater much more freely as they can simply fly over walls, but are only available for very few Adventures.


The Adventure Level Toggle for Nametags

Every animal has an Adventure Level that is increased by collecting Courage Points while playing Adventures. An animal's level determines how many hearts it has in the Adventures. If a player has not finished the Training Grounds tutorial, all of their animals will be at level 0. Once the tutorial is completed, all current and future animals will start at level 1. The Adventure Level is visible on the far left side of Nametags while in the Adventures or one of the staging areas such as the Adventure Base Camp. Outside of these areas, it can be turned on or off through the Change Your Look menu, but this feature is for members only.

List of Animals

Animals will stay available to specific players who have purchased them even once they are removed from the 'Create an Animal' selection, but not all animals are currently available for all players.

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Animal Type Members-Only Release Date Price
Arabian Horse Land Yes September 19, 2019 10 Diamond.png
Fennec Fox Land Yes May 4, 2019 10 Diamond.png
Great Horned Owl icon.png
Great Horned Owl Flying Yes December 6, 2018 10 Diamond.png
Flamingo Flying Yes August 3, 2017 10 Diamond.png
Red Panda Icon.png
Red Panda Land Yes November 2, 2017 10 Diamond.png
Sabertooth Land Yes April 12, 2018 10 Diamond.png
Direwolf Land Yes May 24, 2018 10 Diamond.png
Icon Coyote.png
Coyote Land Yes May 25, 2017 10 Diamond.png
Arctic-Fox-Avatar.png Arctic Fox Land Yes November 19, 2015 10 Diamond.png
Polarface.png Polar Bear Land and Ocean Yes November 20, 2014 10 Diamond.png
Skunk-icon.png Skunk Land Yes March 7, 2019 10 Diamond.png
MooseIcon.png Moose Land Yes November 14, 2019 10 Diamond.png
Snowleopardface.png Snow Leopard Land Yes November 29, 2012 10 Diamond.png
Cheetah Head Icon.png Cheetah Land Yes October 10, 2013 10 Diamond.png
Picture clydesdale.png Clydesdale Horse Land Yes January 18, 2018 10 Diamond.png
Camelicon.png Camel Land Yes August 8, 2019 10 Diamond.png
Cougar Icon.png Cougar Land Yes March 16, 2017 10 Diamond.png
Llama Avatar 1.png Llama Land Yes June 25, 2015 10 Diamond.png
Sheep Icon.png Sheep Land Yes January 19, 2017 10 Diamond.png
Toucan Icon.png Toucan Flying Yes November 17, 2016 10 Diamond.png
Lemur2.png Lemur Land Yes September 15, 2016 10 Diamond.png
Kangarooface.png Kangaroo Land Yes July 25, 2013 10 Diamond.png
Slothface.png Sloth Land Yes July 21, 2016 5 Diamond.png
Pigface.png Pig Land No June 9, 2016 5 Diamond.png
Hyenaface.png Hyena Land Yes May 29, 2014 10 Diamond.png
Arctic-Wolf Icon.png Arctic Wolf Land Yes October 25, 2012 10 Diamond.png
Otterface.png Otter Land and Ocean Yes August 21, 2014 10 Diamond.png
Eagleface1.png Eagle Flying Yes February 20, 2014 10 Diamond.png
Lynx Face-Icon.png Lynx Land Yes August 20, 2015 10 Diamond.png
Lion Head Icon.png Lion Land Yes October 13, 2011 10 Diamond.png
Owlface.png Owl Flying Yes February 5, 2015 10 Diamond.png
Falconheader.png Falcon Flying Yes January 21, 2016 10 Diamond.png
Goat icon.png Goat Land Yes February 18, 2016 10 Diamond.png
Bunny logo03.png Bunny Land No July 17, 2010 1,000 Gems.png
Wolf logo0049.png Wolf Land No July 17, 2010 1,000 Gems.png
Fox Profile.png Fox Land Yes July 19, 2012 1,000 Gems.png
GIRAFFELOGO.png Giraffe Land No May 24, 2012 1,000 Gems.png
Raccoon Profile-0.png Raccoon Land Yes February 28, 2013 1,000 Gems.png
Rhino Icon.png Rhinoceros Land No June 9, 2011 1,000 Gems.png
Tiger logo0049.png Tiger Land No July 17, 2010 1,000 Gems.png
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 1.43.55 PM.png Elephant Land Yes April 16, 2011 1,000 Gems.png
Deer profile.png Deer Land Yes December 5, 2013 1,000 Gems.png
CROCODILELOGO.png Crocodile Land Yes August 18, 2011 1,000 Gems.png
Seal logo09.png Seal Land and Ocean No January 20, 2011 1,000 Gems.png
Icon Koala.png Koala Land No July 17, 2010 1,000 Gems.png
Monkeyface.png Monkey Land No July 17, 2010 1,000 Gems.png
SHARKLOGO.png Shark Ocean Yes September 15, 2011 1,000 Gems.png
Turtle-0.png Sea Turtle Ocean No October 27, 2011 1,000 Gems.png
OCTOPUSLOGO.jpg Octopus Ocean Yes March 29, 2012 1,000 Gems.png
Horse Avatar Icon.png Horse Land Yes January 5, 2012 1,000 Gems.png
DOLPHINLOGO.png Dolphin Ocean Yes September 15, 2011 1,000 Gems.png
Panda-Icon-1.png Panda Land No July 17, 2010 1,000 Gems.png
Penguin logo093.png Penguin Land and Ocean No February 17, 2012 1,000 Gems.png

Additionally, variants of certain existing animals has started being made, typically referred to as 'Patterned Animals' by the community. They are the same as their standard variants in terms of animation, but usually have unique, themed patterns on their body and appearing as a trail beneath them. The only exception to this is the Legendary Eagle, which comes with multiple unique body patterns.

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Animal Variant of Type Members-Only Release Date Price Currently available?
Spring Bunny Logo.png Spring Bunny Bunny Land No April 16, 2015 Gift No
Snowflakearcticwolf-0.PNG Snowflake Arctic Wolf Arctic Wolf Land Yes May 11, 2017 10 Diamond.png No
Polar Arctic Fox Icon-0.png
Polar Arctic Fox Arctic Fox Land Yes March 1, 2018 10 Diamond.png No
Enchanted Eagle Eagle Flying Yes July 5, 2018 10 Diamond.png Yes
AutumnCoyote IconIcon-0.png
Autumn Coyote Coyote Land Yes August 16, 2018 10 Diamond.png Yes
Spooky Snow Leopard Snow Leopard Land Yes September 27, 2018 10 Diamond.png No
Fearsome Falcon Falcon Flying Yes January 1, 2019 10 Diamond.png No
Jamaaliday Deer Deer Land Yes November 29, 2018 1,000 Gems.png Yes
Legendary Eagle Eagle Flying Yes November 21, 2018 Gift Yes
Royal Red Panda Red Panda Land Yes April 18, 2019 10 Diamond.png No
Frolicking Fox Fox Land Yes August 22, 2019 10 Diamond.png Yes


  • A majority of the animals are restricted to players with a Membership and they cost Diamonds.
  • The very first land animals, the Tiger, Wolf, Bunny, Koala, Panda, and Monkey are the same animals as the Alphas.
  • Although it was released in January 2011 before the ocean areas were available, the first amphibious animal was the Seal.
  • The first ocean animals were the Shark and the Dolphin.
  • The first flying animal was the Eagle.
  • The first extinct animal was the Sabertooth.
  • The animal with the most variants is the Eagle, with 3.
  • Due to a variety of glitches, it is possible to take an ocean animal into a land area; however, they will appear invisible when doing so. Similar glitches also allow Jammers to take a land animal into the oceans, but they appear frozen in place or invisible to Jammers who were in the room before them.
  • While changing animals, many actions will be unavailable, such as traveling to a different area.
  • Many non-Diamond Shop animals had their artwork redesigned in the Choose an Animal menu as of March 30, 2017.
  • There is a glitch when purchasing an animal with Gems. If the player does not have enough Gems and clicks on the "Earn Gems" button to play Games until they do have enough Gems, when they exit the games the purchase screen will still say they do not have enough Gems.
  • Originally, when a Jammer would switch animals, a sound effect would play as they'd do so. However, this feature was removed during early 2018 for reasons still unknown. It was later restored in February 2019.
  • The 3D models for the animals are made in Autodesk Maya.
  • It can take up to three months for an animal to be made and completed.
  • If the player changes into a flying animal and clicks the mail icon before it changes, the player becomes invisible.
  • There is a glitch where an animal with randomly-generated color options and clothing items would appear in a player's inventory. When clicked, the player would switch to a green version of their previous animal, and become 'invisible' after going to a different room.
  • If the player buys an animal that is set to be removed, they will still be able to buy that animal after it has been removed.
  • During the Beta Testing, non-members could only have one animal and members could only have six animals.
  • If a player has more than two animals and their membership expires, they will be prompted upon the next time they log in to choose two non-member animals they would like to continue using. All other animals remain in their inventory, but cannot be accessed unless they renew their membership.
    • When the player picks two animals and clicks the "save animals" button, a pop-up appears confirming whether these are the animals the player wants to continue playing with. A voice asking "Are you sure these are the two animals you want to keep playing with?" plays when the pop-up appears. After the player confirms the animals they want, another pop-up appears thanking them for playing AJ Classic and asking if they want to renew their membership. This pop-up is also accompanied by a voice that says "Thanks for playing Animal Jam! Do you want to renew your club membership now?" This is one of very few instances in the game where voiceovers are used.


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