For the pet counterpart, see Pet Arctic Fox.
Not to be confused with the Arctic Wolf or the Polar Arctic Fox.


Arctic Foxes are members-only land animals. They were announced in Volume 159 of the Jamaa Journal, on November 5, 2015, and were released on November 19, 2015, in the Diamond Shop. They started traveling on July 6, 2017, and they have not returned to shops since. However, they were given to all Members during December 2017 and were included in a winter Member Bundle.

Default Appearance

The Arctic Fox has a snowy white coat and a fluffy white tail tipped with grey. Its ears are a light grey color on the outsides with dark pink on the insides. It has a wide face with a tuft of fur sticking up on its forehead. Its eyes and nose are tiny and black.


  • Sit SW
  • Sit SE
  • Sit NW
  • Sit NE
  • Dance
  • Sleep
  • Hop
  • Play
Acts Description
Sits similarly to the Fox.
Moves side to side, waving its arms smoothly, much like the Hyena's dance.
Sleeps tightly curled in a ball, with its fluffy tail around half of its face, like the Fox.
Hops like the Fox but gets higher off the ground when jumping.
A mouse appears in front of a small hole in the ground and the Arctic Fox jumps into it right as the mouse disappears into the hole and gets stuck halfway through. Then, the Arctic Fox gets unstuck from the hole, and the mouse hops out.


  • Its announcement was accidentally leaked on the Daily Explorer on the news crews sidebar.
  • They have their own short called "It Wasn't Me?"
  • They were first hinted in Mt. Shiveer, where the carving of an arctic fox replaced the carving of a Seal.
  • They are somewhat related to the Fox but are slightly bigger and "fluffier".
  • The color of the mouse in the play action depends on the second color of the Arctic Fox.
  • Their play action seems to be somewhat based off the Fox's play action.
  • When the Arctic Fox plays with Branch Antlers on, the right antler would go on top of the Arctic Fox's eye instead of where it is supposed to be.
  • The default primary color for the Arctic Fox is not available on the color palette. If it is changed, it cannot be changed back to the default.
  • Their first release ended when they went on clearance in August 2016.
  • A promotional offer for this animal began during October 2016: when redeeming a membership retail gift card, the player will also receive the Arctic Fox Bundle, which includes an Arctic Fox. This offer was valid until January 2017, when Arctic Foxes returned to stores.
  • The Arctic Fox Alpha is believed to be Aurora because she appears to be an Arctic Fox and her statue was sold alongside known Alphas at the AJ Birthday Party.
  • This animal was given to members for free in December 2017, along with the Arctic Wolf, Snow Leopard, the Pet Lynx and the Winter Palace.
  • When an Arctic Fox is obtained through redeeming a membership, the default name that it is given is "Mister Wonkybuddy".
  • The Arctic Fox seemed to have a plushie based on it, but they remain unreleased even though they can be spotted in claw machines.


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