The Arctic Fox Bundle is an official set of den items that are rewarded as promotional gifts when redeeming a retail Membership gift card. This promotional offer started in October 2016 and ended December 2016. This offer was then started again on October 12, 2017, and ended sometime around December 2017. It returned yet again on October 11, 2018, and ended in December 2018.


All of the items in this set are pieces of furniture that are made of ice. Each of these also features a fox tail shape as part of the item. There were five items in this set on its first release. On its second release, 2 more items were added.


Promo-Gift Arctic-Fox-Tail-Chair Arctic Fox Tail Chair
Promo-Gift Arctic-Fox-Tail-Dresser Arctic Fox Tail Dresser
Promo-Gift Arctic-Fox-Tail-Rug Arctic Fox Tail Rug
Promo-Gift Arctic-Fox-Tail-Sofa Arctic Fox Tail Sofa
Promo-Gift Arctic-Fox-Tail-Window Arctic Fox Tail Window
ArcticFoxTailThrone Arctic Fox Tail Throne
ArcticFoxTailTable-Promo Arctic Fox Tail Table


  • This bundle also includes an Arctic Fox animal. However, this animal is always named "Mister Wonkybuddy" when received.
  • A similar bundle, the Snow Leopard Bundle, was released right after this one.
  • The style of these items is very similar to the Polar Bear Bundle.


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