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For the pet counterpart, see Pet Arctic Wolf.
Not to be confused with the Snowflake Arctic Wolf, the Arctic Fox, the Wolf, or the Direwolf.

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The Arctic Wolf is a members-only land animal that was first released in October 2012. It was originally available only as a promotional gift when redeeming specific Arctic Wolf Gift Cards that included a three-month Membership. It was released again on May 30, 2014, as one of the animals sold in the Diamond Shop. It is a part of the Jolly Jamaalidays Bundle by purchasing a website membership during December 2018. On July 30, 2020, it was released as part of the Doggone Bundle.

Default Appearance

The default coloring has maroon-pink ears on the outside with an outside light pink color, a white overcoat, and a light gray undercoat. The eyes are shaped like half-moons with a white dot in the center and a black outline. This differs from the default artwork that shows a blue-gray overcoat, a white undercoat, and blue-gray eyes.


Acts Description
Sits much like a wolf, but in a taller and stronger pose with its tail raised.
A more relaxed version of the hula. Twisting its body from side to side, and its arms smoothly following the sway of hips, slightly moving its paws as it dances. The tail shakes rapidly as if it's in the wind as it dances, too.
Lays down in a loose, curled position, head rested on front paws, chest rising and falling softly and slowly.
Hops up and down, tail bobbing and paws kicking out; seems almost like an in-place leap.
Rolls on the ground playfully, much like a dog; shakes out fur and rolls again.


  • They are related to common Wolves. However, Arctic Wolves have more fur on their chests and tail than normal Wolves do, are taller, and are members-only, unlike Wolves. They also appear to be less skinny then the wolves.
  • Arctic Wolves in the game are larger than normal wolves, but in reality, they are smaller.
  • Arctic Wolves are able to enter the Wolves Only Party, as they are a subspecies of the Wolf, but cannot unlock Wolves-only passages in adventures.
  • Arctic Wolves have animal passages in many adventures such as Return of the Phantoms, The Hidden Falls, and The Phantom Fortress.
  • They are the 17th animal to be introduced in Jamaa, and the second animal released as part of a gift card bundle.
  • Initially, players could only obtain an Arctic Wolf from an Arctic Wolf three-month membership gift card, with the name of "Arctic Wolf", but after they were released to the Diamond Shop, Arctic Wolf gift cards were no longer sold.
  • On December 4, 2017, AJHQ gifted all members the Jamaaliday Member Bundle, which contained an Arctic Wolf, which was also called "Arctic Wolf".
  • In-game, Arctic Wolves cannot use the eyes shown in the artwork of them.
  • The colors in the color palette for the Arctic Wolf are reversed, the top box being for the undercoat while the bottom box is for the overcoat.
  • The default colors for the overcoat and for the eyes are not one of the available color choices and are no longer available once it is changed.
  • This animal has many related plushies such as the Giant Arctic Wolf Plushie, Arctic Wolf Plushie, Exclusive Arctic Wolf Plushie, Cinno Plushie, Lovewithsongz Plushie, Theshopking Plushie, Twinkle0122 Plushie, and the TypicalRocky Plushie.
  • A giant Arctic Wolf statue serves as the animal shop in the middle of the Diamond Shop.
  • As a promotion, there are now Snowflake Arctic Wolves. There are snowflakes surrounding the character in-game and patterns reminiscent of the Spring Bunny, the Polar Arctic Fox, the Enchanted Eagle, the Autumn Coyote, and the Frolicking Fox.
  • Like many other Animals, Arctic Wolves are also available in the mobile version of Animal Jam Classic, Play Wild.
  • AJHQ added a clearance sign to the Arctic Wolf for 1 day. When the next update came out, AJHQ changed their mind and removed the clearance sign from the Arctic Wolf.
  • The Arctic Wolf was one of the first animals to be released in the Diamond Shop. It was sold alongside the Snow Leopard and the Lion when the shop first opened.
  • It is the only Diamond animal released before 2015 that is yet to travel.


  • When the animal wears a Spiked Spiked Collar, the collar clips through its head when dancing.
  • When wearing Elf Bracelets or Furry Cuffs, the one on the right back leg is twisted.
  • If an Arctic Wolf wears a Headdress and performs the "play" action, the headdress will sink through the ground.
  • When this animal dances, leg items, such as the Elf Bracelets or a Spiked Wristband, will float off one of its paws.
  • When the Arctic Wolf plays when equipped with the second pattern, the pattern shows up on the animal's hind legs and belly, unlike the regular version.
  • When an Arctic Wolf walks north while wearing the Phoenix Armor, it will be replaced with the model for Peck's Alpha Armor, but keep the colors of the Phoenix Armor.
  • When the Arctic Wolf does the play action, the animation will stop halfway.
  • When a Tuxedo Jacket, Holiday Sweater, Knitted Sweater, or other shirts are worn, the items go underneath the Arctic Wolf's thick "mane".
  • There is a glitch where the Cosmic Necklace shows the incorrect pendant when worn by an Arctic Wolf, but it displays correctly in the Change Your Look menu.
  • There is a glitch where the nose is completely white.


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