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The Armory was a members-only den item. Its origin is unknown, but it was discovered in January 2017. This item was deleted from the game on March 14, 2017. The item was already designed in 2012. [1] It cannot be obtained by any legitimate method.


The Armory's old appearance is of a large, metal wall with various weapons, which include bow and arrows, a sword, katanas, a battleaxe, two pairs of nunchucks, shurikens, a spear, daggers, and a bō staff.

The Armory's new appearance is of a neutral-colored wall with six yellow flower pots, each having a different type of flower and/or plant.

This item appears to come in only one variety, but its only variety has been changed in Animal Jam's files.


  • This item's appearance in-game was changed by AJHQ. The original appearance is full of weapons, but now if spawned in-game, it will appear with flowers.
  • It is speculated that it will be released officially due to its appearance change. If it does, it's likely its name will also change.
  • It might have been deleted from the game for being too violent.