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The Art Gallery is a members-only land Den that was released at the Diamond Shop as well as the Den Shop on November 17, 2016. It was put on clearance on November 7, 2017, and left stores on November 18, 2017. It came back as part of the Artist's Dream Bundle in July 2018.


This is a large, two-floor den that appears to be entirely indoors. The first floor has large, square, stone like tiles as the flooring and four colorful walls (teal, blue, and green) that each has three staging lights. The right side of the den has a lush tropical garden area with a wooden staircase leading up to the second floor. The left side of the den has a large animated koi pond and waterfall with a stone and wood staircase winding down from the second floor. The second floor has wood panel flooring in various styles and six colorful walls (red, purple, and orange) that each has three staging lights.



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