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For the shop inside this building, see Studio Corner.

The Art Studio is a place located in Coral Canyons. It was introduced in September 2010 right after Beta Testing ended. It includes visual art activities such as coloring and drawing.


On the outside, the Art Studio appears to be a wooden building made next to the canyons of Coral Canyons. The roof is painted in blue and there seems to be an open window on the roof as well. On the door frame is a sign consisting of an artist palette with the paint colors orange, pink, green, yellow, and blue along with a pair of paint brushes. On the inside, the Art Studio is small in contrast to other rooms. All around the rooms are circular windows letting in light. Various drawing materials are scattered around the room, such as paper, brushes, and paint.


The only shop in this place is the Studio Corner. It sells den items related to the Paint Studio Collection.

Print and Play[]

The Print and Play activity allows the user to select a black-and-white picture and print it. Most of the pictures are in the form of line art coloring pages, although there are a few that are a connect-the-dots activity. Also, most of the pictures feature the Alphas, while some others feature miscellaneous animals.

Print and Play


The Painting allows the user to create a drawing using a small variety of drawing tools, such as a brush, paint bucket, and a line constructor. A color palette is included as well, which consists of most of the colors of the spectrum. There are videos recorded by AJHQ to help the user in drawing a specific character, as well as an option that allows them to print the drawing. If the user wishes, they may send the drawing to AJHQ, where it may get the chance to be featured in Jammer Central, thus allowing the user the chance to receive an Artist Plaque. They may also, for the price of 2 Diamonds, submit it as a Masterpiece, although AJHQ must first approve of the drawing before it can become a Masterpiece.



The Pottery activity allows the user to select a line art illustrating a piece of pottery and color it. There are seven pieces of pottery to choose from. The coloring palette consists of thirty-two colors the user can choose from in order to color in an area of the pottery. If the user is satisfied, they may print the illustration.