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The Artist's Dream Bundle is an official painting-themed set of promotional gifts. It was obtained by purchasing Membership from the Animal Jam website during July 2018. This offer includes an exclusive Armor Set, a Pet Lemur, the Art Gallery den, five Masterpiece Tokens, exclusive artist and paint splattered den items, and a Lemur.


All of the items in this set are somehow related to painting and artwork. Most of the items also include messy paint splotches on them.



Name Type Members-Only?
Gift Painter's Hat.png Painter's Hat 1Head.png Yes
Painter's necklace promo.png Painter's Necklace 2Neck.png Yes
Gift Painter's Smock.png Painter's Smock 3Body.png Yes
Painter's palette promo.png Painter's Palette 4Legs.png Yes
Painter's tail promo.png Painter's Tail 5Tail.png Yes

Den Items

Name Members-Only?
Gift Masterpiece Token.png Masterpiece Token No
Painter's lamp promo.png Painter's Lamp Yes
Painter's sofa promo.png Painter's Sofa Yes
Painter's chair promo.png Painter's Chair Yes
Painter's ottoman promo.png Painter's Ottoman Yes
Painter's rug promo.png Painter's Rug Yes
Painter's archway promo.png Painter's Archway Yes
Painter's paint station promo.png Painter's Paint Station Yes
Painter's sketching table promo.png Painter's Sketching Table Yes
Painter's brush collection promo.png Painter's Brush Collection Yes
Painter's coffee table promo.png Painter's Coffee Table Yes
Painter's window promo.png Painter's Window Yes
Painter's paintings promo.png Painter's Paintings Yes