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The Artist Plaque is a non-member den item.


The Artist Plaque consists of a piece of wood carved into the shape of a shield that is decorated with a paintbrush and palette emblem made from pieces of gold. The wood backing of the plaque has faint grain lines and is shaped slightly like a badge with a flat top, curved sides, and a pointy base. This item comes in only one variety.


The Artist Plaque was initially released in 2012 as a gift from AJHQ and left on an unknown date.

Release History Details
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  • Players can submit artwork either in the Art Studio or through Jammer Central, but there is no guarantee that they will receive an Artist Plaque in return.
  • The Artist Plaque can be traded away to a player who has not submitted art.
  • This is part of the Plaques collection.
  • A similar item, the Diamond Jammer Art Plaque, is a prize for players who win an art contest hosted by AJHQ on The Daily Explorer.