Aurora is believed to be the Alpha of the Arctic Foxes in Animal Jam. She has only been seen in the form of the Bronze Aurora Statue that was sold at the AJ Birthday Party alongside statues of confirmed Alphas. Unlike the major alphas, she has not made any appearances in the Adventures.


Aurora is an arctic fox that has large, shiny eyes with thick eyelashes. She has dark patches of fur around her eyes and faint stripes running from her snout to the back of her head. Just below one ear, she has a cluster of light flowers. Some tall tufts of fur stick up on her forehead. Her ears are wide and fluffy, with fluffy fur extending down around her cheeks as well. A pearl necklace is wrapped around her neck.


  • In Roman mythology, the goddess of dawn is named Aurora.
  • Her name may be inspired by the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.