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Not to be confused with the Cake Bake Kitchen.

The Baker's Table is a members-only den item.


The Baker’s Table appears as a large, rectangular wooden table that has baking supplies placed on top of it such as a box of ingredients, a salt shaker, a rolling pin, and a lump of dough. The table has a raised lip on the far edge and the surface consists of cracked wooden planks, they are covered in a large splotch of flour. The table includes two short drawers on the front, square wooden legs, and a hook where a measuring cup is attached. When the dough is clicked, it tosses up into the air and then the rolling pin flattens it out on the tabletop. This item comes in only one variety.


The Baker's Table was initially released on December 17, 2015, in the Bakery-themed Party Shop and left on an unknown date.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Bakery-themed Party ShopDecember 17, 2015N/A