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Balloosh is a swamp-themed location in Jamaa. This is the place where the Ancient Heartstone originated from. It was released on February 15, 2018. It links to Mt. Shiveer through a bridge above the Hot Cocoa Hut and links to Appondale from a pathway behind the Conservation Museum.


The Ancient Heartstone from The River's Heart is located in the middle of the map with two fangs. There is a circle of mysterious stones with markings similar to the Ancient Heartstone in the bottom right corner. In the top right corner, there is a wooden building on stilts that resembles a market, which houses one of the land's shops, Ancient Antiquities. On the left side of the map, near the bridge to Appondale, there is a large tree with spiral steps leading up to two platforms located near the top. In the top left corner of the land is the Temple of the Ancients, an ancient-looking stone building covered in glowing markings. Stone bridges, wooden walkways, and stepping stones connect the different areas, as well as waterfalls flowing from the Ancient Temple.


  • Temple of the Ancients - a small temple similar to the buildings in the ancient city in The Mystery Below. There are vines overhanging the walls and a glowing blue crystal near a water area on the top.


Journey Book

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Species Location
Duck Balloosh Duck To the right of the bridge on the left side of the map (moving)
Leeches Balloosh Leeches Under the stone bridge next to the heartstone (standing)
Click Beetle Balloosh Click Beetle To the lower left of the stone circle (moving)
Snapping Turtle Balloosh Snapping Turtle On the rocks to the right of the stone circle, next to the Mount Shiveer exit (moving)
Water Lilies Balloosh Water Lillies At the bottom of the waterfall next to the heartstone (standing)
Lichen Balloosh Lichen Covering the supports of the dock, bottom right from Ancient Antiquities (standing)
Heron Balloosh Heron On the fountain, to the left of Ancient Antiquities (moving)
Toad Balloosh Toad On the dock, above the lichen and below Ancient Antiquities (moving)
Swamp Snake Balloosh Swamp Snake Above the dock, in the water between the trees (moving)
Salamander Balloosh Salamander Crawling on the very top of the ancient building 



  • Balloosh is a marsh-like land and is most likely based off of the Everglades, a region of marshes in Florida.
  • There was originally a sketch for Balloosh that was removed from Animal Jam's files in 2017. This 2017 version of Balloosh looks very different from when the land was officially released in February 2018.
    • This 2017 version is most likely an early concept for the final version of the land.
    • There also used to be an earlier sketch of the land.
  • It is possible to climb up the market structure, similar to the tree in Appondale.
  • It is currently the only land area in Jamaa that has yet to be released in Play Wild.
  • The Heartstone was changed to have fangs when the Sabertooth was released.
  • There is a Phantom Pipe and Valve at the bottom right of the temple. The appearance of this item is unknown.
  • On November 22, 2018, the phantom pipe and valve was removed, and the appearance of a Phantom Wall Decal was added to underneath the bridge.
  • On November 29, 2018, the phantom wall decal was removed due to the Jamaalidays, in turn, a Jamaaliday Phantom Plushie was put near the entrance of the temple, which only appears as a Jamaaliday decoration in Balloosh,


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