The Bass Camp is a members-only music den item. It can be purchased at the Diamond Shop and was first released on August 17, 2013.


The song starts with some quiet drums and introduces the upbeat melody with an oboe-like instrument. Soon after, the melody is expanded by a string instrument accompaniment. Towards the end, the melody drops off and there is a quieter section consisting of a harp-like instrument and small woodwind instruments.

Cover Art

The Bass Camp cover shows a Phantom in the foreground. Behind it are two Chomper Plants, one partially open and one closed.


  • The Base Camp is the second music den item to be sold in the Diamond Shop.
  • This music is played in the Adventure Base Camp.
  • The name of this music is a pun on the word "base" because "base" and "bass" both sound the same.
  • This music was the first Adventure-themed soundtrack to be released in the Diamond Shop.
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