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The Beach House is a members-only land Den.


The Beach House den is a three-story house. Inside the house, there are three balconies and the leftmost one on the second floor has a slide that leads to the beach. On the middle balcony of the top floor, there is a bird flying close by. On the front deck on the first floor, there is a small pool. The default flooring is a tan, patched-like ground. The wallpaper matches with the flooring, a paler tan, except decorated with starfish and seashells. There are several rocks and plants outside and around the house. The sky is decorated with different shades of blue, and flying animals can reach this area to see more. Toward the right near the top floor is a flat, rocky plateau that can be accessed by all animals. There are clearings of sand near the water next to the plateau. Dolphins or fish can be seen jumping out of the water.


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  • It was hinted as "Coming Soon" in a Jamaa Journal page.
  • There is an island in the distance visible near the water's edge on the top right of the den.
  • It was the first den to be half off after the June 9th update. It was only 4 diamonds since Animal Jam HQ added a weekly diamond sale.
  • In AJHQ's Beach House Epic Den, a Caterpillar Couch was sold.
  • The Warm Sands Sanctuary reuses this Den's wallpaper and flooring patterns.


Unique Patterns[]

Wall Patterns[]

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