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Best Dressed is a multiplayer mini-game that was originally only found in Coral Canyons and was later added to the Sol Arcade. It was first introduced in November 2011. It can also be found in Jammers' Dens in the form of the Best Dressed Arcade Machine, the den item of the game.


The main goal of this game is to create an outfit corresponding to a theme given to each player in the round. When finished, the contestants vote for the outfit they think matches the theme the most.

The game takes place in a fashion arena with a stage that consists of two long ledges and a water pool near the bottom. If a round is already in progress, the player will be moved to a room where they can try on clothing, and "practice dressing their best". The theme is drawn out of a fancy envelope. When a theme is presented, the player has 45 seconds to dress their best according to the theme. Then, when every player is finished dressing up (or after 45 seconds have passed), they appear on the stage for voting. Each player can vote for only one other animal and they cannot vote for themselves. If a player does not vote in the time provided, they will not receive any reward regardless of their ranking from the votes.

There can be a maximum of 10 Jammers playing this game. Empty slots are often filled by Bots.


Below are the results as of a full 10-Jammer game.

Position Reward
1st place 200 Gems
2nd place 150 Gems
3rd place 100 Gems
4th or below 50 Gems
  • Rewards vary based on the number of Jammers in the lobby.  
  • Jammers that did not vote gain no Gems.  


The following clothing options can be available to dress up within the game. However, only some of this clothing is available in each round, not all of it.

Clothing Items Rare Available? Type
Angel Wings Yes 3Body
Angry Pumpkin Mask No 1Head
Antlers No 1Head
Arctic Coat No 3Body
Arctic Hood No 1Head
Army Helmet No 1Head
Astronaut Helmet No 1Head
Bat Glasses No 1Head
Bat Mask No 1Head
Beard Yes 2Neck
Big Skull No 1Head
Blanket No 3Body
Bonnet No 1Head
Bow And Arrows Yes 3Body
Bunny Hat No 1Head
Butterfly Wings No 3Body
Cat Hat No 1Head
Chicken Hat Yes 1Head
Clover Balloon No 3Body
Clover Earmuffs No 1Head
Cool Hair No 1Head
Cowboy Hat No 1Head
Cozy Shoes No 4Legs
Creature Mask No 1Head
Curly Wig No 1Head
Demon Mask Yes 1Head
Designer Skirt No 3Body
Diamond Ring No 4Legs
DJ Headset No 1Head
Dragon Glove No 4Legs
Dragon Mask No 1Head
Elf Armor Yes 3Body
Elf Bracelets No 4Legs
Elf Helmet Yes 1Head
Eyeball Hat Yes 1Head
Faerie Wings No 3Body
Fancy Top Hat No 1Head
Firefighter Hat No 1Head
Flag Yes 3Body
Flower Bracelet No 4Legs
Flower Glasses No 1Head
Frankenstein Mask Yes 1Head
Fox Hat Yes 1Head
Freedom Cape Yes 3Body
Freedom Helmet No 1Head
Freedom Mask Yes 1Head
Freedom Wings No 3Body
Gazelle Horns Yes 1Head
Glove Yes 4Legs
Golden Glove No 4Legs
Golden Unicorn Horn No 1Head
Hat And Beard No 1Head
Hat and Curly Wig No 1Head
Heart Antennae Headband No 1Head
Heart Balloon No 3Body
Heart Cape No 3Body
Heart Glasses No 1Head
Heart Locket No 2Neck
Hockey Mask Yes 1Head
Homemade Wings Yes 3Body
Horned Leg Pads No 4Legs
Jamaaliday Bow No 3Body
Jester Hat Yes 1Head
Jolly Elf Hat Yes 1Head
King's Crown No 1Head
Knitted Hat No 1Head
Lava Glove No 4Legs
Leaf Necklace No 2Neck
Legendary Glove No 4Legs
Leg Armor Yes 4Legs
Lei No 2Neck
Leprechaun Hat No 1Head
Lion Hat No 1Head
Mask No 1Head
Mech Angel Helmet Yes 1Head
Mech Angel Wings No 3Body
Medusa Mask Yes 1Head
Mohawk No 1Head
Monkey Hat No 1Head
Mummy Glove No 4Legs
Necklace Yes 2Neck
New Year's Party Hat Yes 1Head
Ninja Mask No 1Head
Old Hood No 1Head
Panda Hat No 1Head
Phantom Hat Yes 1Head
Pigtails No 1Head
Pilgrim Hat No 1Head
Pirate Beard No 2Neck
Pirate Hat No 1Head
Pirate Sword No 3Body
Police Hat No 1Head
Princess Necklace No 2Neck
Pumpkin Mask No 1Head
Reindeer Mask No 1Head
Rhino Helmet No 1Head
Royal Cape No 3Body
Scary Bell Hat No 1Head
Scary Cat Hat Yes 1Head
Scary Mask No 1Head
Scary Unicorn Horn No 1Head
Shark Fin Yes 3Body
Skull Helmet No 1Head
Snow Shoes No 4Legs
Snowman Mask No 1Head
Spartan Armor No 3Body
Spartan Helmet No 1Head
Spiked Collar Yes 2Neck
Spiked Hair Yes 1Head
Spiked Wristband Yes 4Legs
Spider Mask Yes 1Head
Star Cape No 3Body
Star Glasses No 1Head
Steampunk Goggles No 1Head
Sword No 3Body
Tiara Yes 1Head
Tie Yes 2Neck
Top Hat Yes 1Head
Turkey Hat No 1Head
Unicorn Horn No 1Head
Vampire Mask No 1Head
Viking Hat Yes 1Head
Werewolf Mask Yes 1Head
Wings No 3Body
Winter Hood No 1Head
Winter Jacket No 3Body
Witch Hat Yes 1Head
Witch Mask Yes 1Head
Wizard Hat Yes 1Head
Worn Blanket Yes 3Body
Yeti Mask Yes 1Head


List of Themes
Best for a Fancy Dinner
Best for a Hike
Best for the Beach
Best for Adventuring
Best for Exploring
Best for School
Best for Sports
Best for Summer
Best for Winter
Best for Work
Most Athletic
Most Intelligent
Most Magical
Most Mysterious
Most Secretive
Most like an Astronaut
Most like a Bug
Most like a Circus Performer
Most like a Cowboy
Most like a Dancer
Most like a Dessert
Most like a Doctor
Most like a Firefighter
Most like a Hero
Most like a Leader
Most like a Monster
Most like a Ninja
Most like a Party Animal
Most like a Phantom
Most like a Police Officer
Most like a Pop Star
Most like a Robot
Most like Royalty
Most like a Singer
Most like a Superhero
Most like a Teacher
Most like a Vampire
Most like a Vegetable
Most like a Warrior
Most Like a Zombie


There are six possible achievements that can be earned when playing Best Dressed:

Achievements Description
Seamstress! Seamstress! Play Best Dressed 5 times
Stylist! Stylist! Play Best Dressed 10 times
Designer! Designer! Play Best Dressed 25 times
Model! Model! Play Best Dressed 50 times
High Fashion! High Fashion! Win 20 rounds of Best Dressed
Tres Chic! Tres Chic! Win 3 rounds of Best Dressed in a row


  • There is an underwater version of Best Dressed in Bahari Bay. Unlike the land version however, this one features underwater clothing. It also has separate achievements. However, this version is not accessible in the Sol Arcade. One has to be an underwater animal to play this game.
  • Jammers can play this game to see how an item would look on their animal.
  • Most of the dress-up items in the game are no longer sold in stores. 
  • Occasionally, items that are currently on sale will appear in the dress-up list.
  • If a Jammer doesn't vote in time, they won't get the Gems they earned. Other players can see this in the end on the ranking page.
  • Some items that are available to wear in Best Dressed are shown in unreleased colors.
  • All players can wear any item in the Best Dressed inventory, unlike outside of the game where most items are restricted to members.
  • If a Jammer joins a round-in-progress, they have the opportunity to practice dressing until the next round begins.
  • More than one Jammer can earn the first, second, or third place. Sometimes, Jammers don't earn a place, which is considered as fourth on the Round Results sheet, and they still see the black silhouette of their animal.
  • This is the only minigame so far that has both an underwater and a land version. 
  • A glitch can occur using the Games menu. If a player chooses to play the opposite version of the game, they will appear invisible in game.
  • Players cannot use underwater-exclusive patterns and eyes in best dressed when playing as an amphibious animal.
  • By clicking to the right of the color palette's bottom-right edge, the player's animal can use a hidden color. This was originally a raspberry color instead of the icy blue on the normal color palette outside of the game but has been replaced with a light pink color.


  • A Jammer can see 2 animals in the same spot.
  • Sometimes a person will be hidden when it is time to vote.
  • There was a glitch that allowed one to keep the items that they wore, however, this was later patched.
  • There is a glitch that happens when a Jammer playing as an Arctic Fox will not see the striped print on themselves once the voting begins, even if they are equipping it.
  • There is a rare glitch where a Polar bear is still dancing, even while voting in the next round.
  • There is a glitch when a Jammer changes their eyes, the display will show the eye color as magenta.
  • There is a glitch that causes some Jammers to not see the rewards screen after each round. As a result, they do not receive any Gems.
  • Sometimes more than one username will be highlighted on the winners' screen. The person experiencing the glitch receives the highlighted gems in addition to their own.


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