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The Best Guess Game is a party that also acts as a true-or-false game based on animal facts to test the player's knowledge of animals. It was released on March 19, 2015, and it is the first game to be shown as a party.


The player is spawned in a room divided into two sides. On the left side, there is a green space with grass and a giant check mark. On the right side, there is a purple cracked space with purple light emitting from an X symbol. There is a fact, or a supposed fact, displayed on the top of the player's screen and the player must decide if the fact is true or false. To choose an answer, the player must move their animal to the left side of the screen to represent true or move to the right side of the screen to represent false. The side that the player has chosen will light up. The player will have about 10 seconds to answer with a 5-second warning, and once the 10 seconds is over, the player cannot switch sides. Shortly after, the answer is revealed and if the player chooses the correct answer, their animal automatically dances and the player receives 10 Gems. However, if the player chooses the incorrect answer, the player receives no Gems and does not dance.

If the player enters when the countdown is on 5 seconds or lower, the player has to wait until the next round to play.


There are six achievements that can be earned by playing Best Guess:

Achievements Description
Guess! Guess! Play Best Guess 5 times
Good Guess! Good Guess! Play Best Guess 10 times
Better Guess! Better Guess! Play Best Guess 25 times
Best Guess! Best Guess! Play Best Guess 50 times
Best Guesser! Best Guesser! Correctly answer 10 questions in a row in one game of Best Guess
Guess Master! Guess Master! Correctly answer 20 questions in a row in one game of Best Guess


The standard reward for answering a question correctly is 10 Gems, but if the player answers more than one question in a row correctly, the amount of Gems received will be multiplied. The Gem multiplier stops at four, and if the player gets an answer incorrect, the multiplier resets back to one.


  • It is quite similar to Temple of Trivia.
  • When playing this game, the dark outline that is usually seen surrounding an animal is no longer present.
  • The list of "facts" available is periodically changed.
  • The player is not able to change their animal's look or switch animals once they enter this party.
  • There is a glitch where the chat bar at the bottom of the screen disappears when the answer is revealed.
  • Some have mistakenly believed that players could not chat when the game was first released, but this is actually false, as players were always able to chat in this game.
  • If an underwater animal goes to this party, they will be invisible or will be a maroon Tiger with no animation.
  • Jammers cannot trade, send Jam-A-Grams, visit dens, or use the Jammer Wall while playing.
  • The true side is nature, while the false side is by the Phantoms.
  • In AJ Play Wild, the correct and incorrect sounds are different and have cheering in the background.

Factual Errors[]

  • "Blue marlins are the largest fish in the world" is marked as true, but the largest fish is actually the Whale Shark. The Marlin is instead the largest BONY fish in the world.
  • "Aphids are parasites" is marked as true, but aphids are actually non-parasitic pests. The Aphidiinae family of wasps, on the other hand, are considered parasites.
  • "Male goats are called rams" is marked as true, but male goats are actually called billies or bucks, which is ironically revealed in the book about goats in the Chamber of Knowledge.
  • "Polar bears are the largest and most powerful land mammal" is marked as true, but the largest and arguably most powerful land mammal is actually the elephant. Polar Bears are instead the largest and most powerful land PREDATOR.
  • "Tokay geckos are the largest geckos in the world, reaching lengths of 14 inches" is marked as true, but the New Caledonian giant gecko (Rhacodactylus leachianus) is actually the largest gecko species, ranging from 14 to 17 inches long.
  • "Gibbons walk on two feet more often than any other primate" is marked as true, but humans, which are also a species of primate, walk on two feet exclusively.


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