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Warning: Please note that this is not from the Beta Testing period, despite having "beta" in its name.
Not to be confused with the Patch Of Carrots.

The BETA Carrot Patch is a members-only den item.


The Beta Carrot Patch has six carrots arranged in two rows, with a sign in a corner of the plot. The item first shows up as "dead" - the ground is cracked and the carrots are darker in color and emanating wisps of purple air. However, once this item is clicked, the patch becomes normal-colored and is "healthy". Clicking multiple times toggles this back and forth. This item has only one variety.


Large Cactus transparent
This item is uncommon. It has varieties that have not been available for more than four years and cannot be won as a possible prize.

The Beta Carrot Patch was initially released on June 18, 2013, as the top middle beta completion prize from Return of the Phantoms and left on July 11, 2013.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Return of the PhantomsJune 18, 2013July 11, 2013