Warning: Please note that this is not from the Beta Testing period, despite having "beta" in its name.

The BETA Flower Barrel is a members-only den item. It was released on June 18, 2013, as a prize in the Return of the Phantoms Adventure while it was still being beta-tested by Jammers, but it was removed afterwards on July 11, 2013.


The Beta Flower Barrel is a stout barrel holding a flowering plant. The plant is purple with pollution and has phantom vines sprouting out of it. Upon click, the barrel performs a swirling animation, and the tainted flowers appear clean and healthy. Clicking again will return it to the default, tainted appearance. This item has only one variety.


  • The Beta Flower Barrel resembles the flower barrels near the Bunny Burrow.
  • The other prizes only available during the Adventures Beta were the Beta Carrot Patch, Beta Flower Bush, and Beta Well.
  • It appears that the flowers seen in the barrel are Doronicum, a type of flower related to daisies.


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