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Warning: Please note that this is not from the Beta Testing period, despite having "beta" in its name.
Not to be confused with the Monkey Banner.

The Beta Monkey Banner is a non-member den item.


The Beta Monkey Banner appears as a sky-colored banner with two azure lines going down the sides, a black painting of a Monkey and a chocolate brown stick rail to hold it up. This item only comes in only one variety.


The Beta Monkey Banner was initially released on July 23, 2014, in the Beta Shop. It was most recently released on May 2, 2024, in the Beta Shop and left in June 2024.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Beta ShopJuly 23, 2014September 2014
Beta ShopMay 6, 2021June 3, 2021
Beta ShopMay 5, 2022June 2, 2022
Beta ShopMay 4, 2023June 1, 2023
Beta ShopMay 2, 2024June 2024