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The Birthstones Collection is a set of members-only den items that were introduced at the beginning of 2013. The set consists of twelve gemstones that are sold seasonally (one for each month) and a hanging display shelf that is sold year-round at Epic Wonders.


Birthstones vary in appearance. The particular gem of the month is inlaid in a gold-like metal. Each of the twelve birthstones (for twelve months) is unique. They also sparkle and are rather small.


Birthstone Display


The Birthstone Display is for members-only and it is sold during each month for 1,000 Gems.


Each birthstone is for members-only and costs 1,500 Gems.

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Birthstones Month
Epic-Wonders Garnet-Birthstone Garnet Birthstone January
Epic-Wonders Amethyst-Birthstone Amethyst Birthstone February
Aquamarine Birthstone-3 Aquamarine Birthstone March
Epic-Wonders Diamond-Birthstone Diamond Birthstone April
Emerald Birthstone Default Emerald Birthstone May
Epic-Wonders Pearl-Birthstone Pearl Birthstone June
Epic-Wonders Ruby-Birthstone Ruby Birthstone July
Peridot02 Peridot Birthstone August
Epic-Wonders Sapphire-Birthstone Sapphire Birthstone September
Opalbirthstone Opal Birthstone October
Epic-Wonders Topaz-Birthstone Topaz Birthstone November
Epic-Wonders Turquoise-Birthstone Turquoise Birthstone December


  • This set was first announced in Jamaa Journal Volume 78.
  • The stone of the month comes out on the first of that month and leaves at the end of the month.
  • This set is similar to the Birth Flowers Collection.


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