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Princess aqua654658 Princess aqua654658 12 days ago

the tiger alpha knight

this is my second blog for all the aj fans you guys. Sir Gilbert is a King sporty handsome you know i writed a post about him that he is a real king. You guys need to check that post after reading this. Today i found out he is almost brave as a Knight and he almost has a sword and equipment like his map his medal and his horn. And did you know the tiger from the banner from the front lines is almost as Sir Gilbert.

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Princess aqua654658 Princess aqua654658 12 days ago

the tiger alpha king

Sir Gilbert is the tiger alpha. He is handsome, sporty and do you know he is a real King maybe we will one day name him King Gilbert. the real King of the Jungle. And in play wild he has so many items based on him like in aj classic he has his own collection from the Adventures so cool

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Animaljam Storytime

Well I decided to do an AJ storytime. Well, these are some animaljam stories that I thought I'd share. So, yea. Enjoy me embarassing myself.

Some of you might've saw my AJ Scammer Wiki post, but It's not about that. It's about some other person. I forgot their username so I'll call them E.

This was around October 2020, and at some point I got a green long. I thought I could trade that spike and some other stuff for art, since I like collecting art. So I go to Jamaa and advertise that I am looking for art and that I am offering clothing betas, den betas, and spikes. The part when I say what I am offering will be kind of important to the story. So, that was the moment when E jagged me. I go to their den, and they said they could make me some a…

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Arcticwolf2011 Arcticwolf2011 26 September 2021

reasons why i keep edit pages

  1. i wanna get badges so dont tell me on my wall.
  2. correct mistakes
  3. im bored
  4. dont have time to do other stuff
  5. yes its the end cya bye
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Arcticwolf2011 Arcticwolf2011 23 September 2021

what i do on pc

ok, you read the title, right? im gonna show u what i do on my pc.

  1. i do google tricks
  2. animal jam
  3. watch famous jammers
  4. do memes
  5. vibing to music (¬‿¬)
  6. voice record .
  7. thats all for today, bye!
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Omgblah22 Omgblah22 29 August 2021

ajiww vandals: you need to stop

edit: fixing this up a little bit since I am on PC the message will be the same but better worded and what-not

To the AJIWW Vandals, you need to stop. Doing this to 'avenge' Amber, Eclipse, I, or any other former staff member is ridiculous. If you cared about me, Amber, or anything even remotely AJIWW you should be ashamed of yourself for doing this. The community has gone through a lot of changes with the staff team recently, it was unavoidable given the current situation, but what you're doing is not okay in the slightest. If me and the others being unbanned is what you want, you're making it worse for all of us and ruining others lives in the process. Spamming NSFW because you're angry about a decision is not an acceptable response, gain…

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Err0rxxx Err0rxxx 2 August 2021

help me

i just buyed a year membership but didnt get it. it said transaction failed, but it took my money off of my card. i contacted aj but im scared if i just wasted 50 dollars on nothing. i buyed the membership off of the aj site

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TokyoDragonPlushie TokyoDragonPlushie 30 July 2021

My Upcoming Item Wishlist

List of AJ Classic Upcoming Items:

Jamaaliday Tutu(Non-Member)

Scottish Kilt(Member-Only)

Golden Item(Golden Tutu,Golden Epic Crown,and more with membership)(Free Code one please)

Heart Tiara(Member-Only)

Onesie Suit(Non-Member)

Crocodile Hat(Non-Member)(rare one in leap year party)

Pink Headphone(Based on DJ Headset)(Member-Only)


Triceratops Hat(Non-Member)

Furry Scarf(Member-Only)

Clover Skirt(Land One please)(Member-Only)

Jamaaliday Skeleton Suit(Non-Member)

Rare Skeleton Suit(Member-Only or Non-Member)

Spring Tutu(Member-Only)

Snail Shell(Member-Only)

List of AJ Classic Upcoming Animals:

Arctic Hare(Member-Only)

Grizzly Bear(Member-Only)

Cave Bear(Prehistoric Animal)(Member-Only)




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Arcticwolf2011 Arcticwolf2011 29 July 2021



Necessarily and honestly, I’m a wolf, an Arctic wolf, just because whenever I saw the moon,I started to howl like crazy. Favorite food : lots of yummy stuff and meat. Games I play : ajc, ajpw, among us,.... okay see ya, howllll

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Arcticwolf2011 Arcticwolf2011 28 July 2021

Pack run

Pack run is a type of mini game for jammers who join or create a pack. It is just a hunt for fireflies, beetles, fiddler crabs,.. that you will earn gems or outfits that customize your animal for a better look . For fiddler crabs , it can be a beach run

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AwesomeA1733 AwesomeA1733 26 July 2021

Rare Variants Page Template

template and to Module:Distinguish/Data if necessary.
  • Rare = No.
  • Remove RIM Price and Recycle values.
  • Edit the number of variants in the Appearance section.
  • Edit the Trivia statement regarding the RIM(s).
  • Remove the shop image of the RIM.
  • Remove Category:Rares
  • Be better than AwesomeA1733 at doing this.
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Wiryabudisantoso Wiryabudisantoso 18 July 2021

3rd Anniversary of my Wiki

Today (July 18th), it was the third anniversary of my wiki, Anna the Orangutan and Leo and friends.

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2023zhanl38 2023zhanl38 9 July 2021

Getting All AJ Classic Achievements In 30 Days

Yeah. Yeah, I'm doing it.

Some basic info:

Goal: Get all 250 achievements from scratch

Deadline: August 7, 2021 (30 days)

I'll update this blog each day about what I've done, which achievements I've gotten, etc. The account's username I'm using for this project is takenachievements.

  • 1 Personal Notes
  • 2 Daily Log
    • 2.1 July 8, 2021
    • 2.2 July 9, 2021
    • 2.3 July 10, 2021
    • 2.4 July 11, 2021
    • 2.5 July 12, 2021
    • 2.6 July 13, 2021
    • 2.7 July 14, 2021
    • 2.8 July 15, 2021
    • 2.9 July 16, 2021
    • 2.10 July 17, 2021
    • 2.11 July 18, 2021
    • 2.12 July 19, 2021
    • 2.13 July 20, 2021
    • 2.14 July 21, 2021
    • 2.15 July 22, 2021
    • 2.16 July 23, 2021
    • 2.17 July 24, 2021
    • 2.18 July 25, 2021
    • 2.19 July 26, 2021
    • 2.20 July 27, 2021
    • 2.21 July 28, 2021
    • 2.22 July 29, 2021
    • 2.23 July 30, 2021
    • 2.24 July 31, 2021
    • 2.25 August 1, 2021
    • 2.26 August 2, 2021
    • 2.27 August 3, 2…

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Skyrimpro5 Skyrimpro5 4 July 2021

why do i need to do blogs

kokichi friggin oma is my beloved husbando

why do blogs exist though here

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Arcticwolf2011 Arcticwolf2011 29 June 2021

Wolves only

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Lovelypotatt Lovelypotatt 10 June 2021

how much are black and white furry cuffs worth in diamonds and thru trding?

anyone know? :")


(i forgot to say in ajc)

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ItsAlvo ItsAlvo 4 June 2021

Forgotten Desert Discord Server

[OPEN] Heyo Everyone! Here Is A Link To A Forgotten Desert Discord Server, Its For Mainly FD Marathoning And Just Getting The Adventure Done Fast Without The Hassle Of Slow Or AFK People. Feel Free To Take A Look.

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Sina189 Clone Sina189 Clone 31 May 2021

Awsome Dragon Skaters Out Now! (Just Joking Lol)

My prank 4 Nxt Aprilfools.

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Arcticwolfpetfromajpw Arcticwolfpetfromajpw 26 May 2021


im the animal jam arctic wolf pet hello

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Revival100 Revival100 19 May 2021

Dens to Remember


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GamerGirl0426 GamerGirl0426 19 May 2021

Three Year Anniversary!

Welp, it's been three years now. I'm late to my yearly blog, mostly because I was really busy, but hey we still here. We still living.

Everything has died down a lot and even more people left, but I'll still be here in the coming years to spend time with the ones I care about. Hope we have another year together everyone. Let's not think about the big end goal and focus on taking one step at a time.

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Dexter245 Dexter245 10 May 2021

Aj art

Hi! I make art for very cheap prices. I make really any art accept ANIME OR PEOPLE! but most art is four diamonds or a couple of rims but if you want a customised animal art it would cost a long wrist. Tysm for reading and jag me for more details on aj classic :)

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WildWackySushi WildWackySushi 23 April 2021


I can't even look through my old blogs/edits to this place what was I thinking

What went through my mind to talk like that


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Wiryabudisantoso Wiryabudisantoso 22 April 2021

Earth Day (2021)

Today (22nd April) it was Earth Day. Hope we can save the Earth.

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Derpsic Derpsic 29 March 2021

Unreleased Games

An old buddy game that never released.

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ItzMeAnh. ItzMeAnh. 22 March 2021

Aj commissions

Hi I'm doing commissions rn ( in and out aj )

Out example

Same with in aj

Prices: Head only=3 db

Almost full body=5 db


Background is FREE

Jag anhphuong88 with a trophy sticker on it for commissions!

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Edgymeatt Edgymeatt 16 March 2021


So im fairly new at this. I made an account to make it easier to trade and to get items.

im looking for a bunch of things and hopefully I will reach my goal on all of them soon!

LF: Headdress (any color), Headfeather (any color), skunk tail (any color), Red long, pink long, yellow long, tan gen 1 spike, DB art easel, pink forest walls, Camis frog, robot, skullys (tail armor) , rare white elf tail, dizzy stars, any cupid wing colors, any double tail colors,club geoz hat, ANY charm necklaces , alpha sword, founders hat, ANY jamaliday bow, ANY light up rings, ANY party hats, lily tail, ANY pastel rainbow promo armor. ANY charm bracelets, ANY wheels, ANY western tail scarfs, tomb stone hat, toxic lava spike, silver gen 1 wrist, ANY yeti claws a…

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LittleSabers LittleSabers 3 March 2021

Aj school has a new account!

Aj school has a new account called Ajjjschool! Spread the word!

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Awkwardwolf80 Awkwardwolf80 3 March 2021


Okay, you probably know what a hacker is. I am putting down the top 3 most dangerous.





Watch out! They are everywhere now! Especially watch out for 2xx2!

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Streykota Streykota 1 March 2021


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PhosphorescentBloom PhosphorescentBloom 28 February 2021

Alpha Adventure Draft

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Streykota Streykota 26 February 2021

Animal Jam Helper

Thank you all, on Animal Jam Classic, and soon AJPW, going to the voting and voting me as Animal Jam Helper of the year. Until next time, we will vote another AJ helper.

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Buzzybeegirlway Buzzybeegirlway 26 February 2021

Refer a Friend

Guys, refering a friend, can get you rewards for example when you first refer a friend youll get gems, if you consider helping them out, get membership as a present that'll get them 1 week of membership. If you want to help out more refer them 4 more times! You can see the rewars at AJ classic, i hv a challenge help someone that doesnet hv membership show them you care.

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Midnightstars14 Midnightstars14 22 February 2021

g e m s

i wanna buy something for 200k gems XD

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PinkberrieLA12 PinkberrieLA12 20 February 2021

I may or may not

I may or may not be on animal jam since Im busy during morning and evening

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Enimo2112 Enimo2112 15 February 2021

How I got Hacked, Years Ago

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 The Aftermath/Sadow675's Hacking
  • 3 Puppeteering Of ShopkinLover/Taunting From The Hacker
  • 4 Recovering And The Present

I joined Animal Jam in June of 2013, and got membership shortly after. Also, I had many backup accounts, my main ones were Fluffy12348 and Winged123 (which actually predate the account I decided to use as my main in the first place, Sadow675). But, I eventually added a ton more backup accounts too, such as many with Pokemon-related usernames that are just gone now and I don't remember their usernames, and one that I made in 2014 named something like "ShopkinLover[some numbers I don't remember]". Sometime in 2014, I found this website called "Bugmenot" which is this site people use to share "their own" passwords, but ke…

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Pleaseletmehalp Pleaseletmehalp 13 February 2021


This was a test for something, don't mind it.

I'll actually add something interesting for peoples to read.

Covid is sooooooooo annoying smh my head, I have to use my computer to work in the morning, but when it comes to the afternoon I don't want to work then because I already went onto the computer for 3 hours, it's so annoying to work like this too, since I'm not in the mood or the time is wack that it makes work hard.

Also on another topic, I want to remove someone's organs and sell them on ebay lol, owo, I wonder how much moneys I'll make on it, I heard a heart can sell for 6,000 dollaroros, swag money, well, blood money.

I kind of want to buy some cheap stuff on wish because of the ever increasing cost of living where I am, rip me.

I repla…

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Wiryabudisantoso Wiryabudisantoso 12 February 2021

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year. The Year of the Ox.

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Atqa Atqa 9 February 2021



wait ok

wait can you make a blog post with titles in caps lock? idk some blogs or discord servers don't allow it

I guess I'm back from the dead? idk if this will be posted as a blog post since the site is saying that I'm editing a page, but idk man it's not my fault, I clicked the "create blog post" button and now i'm typing this, don't attack me.

but ok, I just came here to say that I finally managed to get my account back (and managed to remember that this account was even a thing) but I don't really play animal jam anymore lol, not even in quaratine and stuffies. I don't think I'm gonna be that active, I'm even contemplating on deleting this account, since it's kinda useless.

A lot of things happened to me in t…

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PhosphorescentBloom PhosphorescentBloom 2 February 2021

Den Item Types

  • 1 Furniture
  • 2 Plants
  • 3 Wall Items
  • 4 Decorations

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Willa1901 Willa1901 26 January 2021



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Wiryabudisantoso Wiryabudisantoso 20 January 2021

My Birthday

Today (20th January) is my birthday.

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Scorch Runner Scorch Runner 18 January 2021


I do commissions on and off AJ lmk if you want examples

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Espeon Esmerald Espeon Esmerald 14 January 2021

Hope you enjoy the wiki!!

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AdventureplayerAJ AdventureplayerAJ 8 January 2021

Duck Fam

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AdventureplayerAJ AdventureplayerAJ 8 January 2021


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AdventureplayerAJ AdventureplayerAJ 8 January 2021

What we have been up to in AJ

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Iampandicorn Iampandicorn 6 January 2021

Lf Birthstones and Birth flowers!

^Pretty much what the title says XD

Always lf more of each birth flower (mm or nm, any color pot!), but I’m only looking for (one of each of) the following birthstones:

May, June, August, and September

lmk if you have any ft/fs :D

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SugarTavieArtz SugarTavieArtz 4 January 2021


Hello everybody! I’m Tavie! Your Jammer since 2020! I’m a user and artist, well hoped you see ya next time, Bye!!! 😊🤗

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Wiryabudisantoso Wiryabudisantoso 1 January 2021

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2021.

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