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5 bots in Jamaa Derby

Bots are nonplayer animals randomly generated by the game's system to ensure players will not have to wait too long for a multiplayer game to start. They are loaded into the games Splash and Dash, Jamaa Derby, Falling Phantoms, Best Dressed, and its ocean counterpart. Their animal colors, patterns, names, and accessories are always randomly generated, which makes them stick out compared to normal players.


  • In Falling Phantoms, the bots do not move unless they are about to be hit by a phantom, which can make them a good indicator for where to stand to avoid getting hit.
  • Bots will not wear new items. It seems that the pool of items that are randomly picked from to decide what accessories the bot will wear is the same as or similar to the pool of items available in Best Dressed, most of which are from 2010 to 2012.
    • It is unlikely that this pool of items will be updated to include newer accessories, as the bots' purposes are for function and not appearance.
    • This also applies to the list of animals that the bots may play as, all of which were released before 2013.
  • Bots will never have a perfect round in Jamaa Derby or Splash and Dash as a way to make it fair for the player.
  • It's more common to encounter bots during the less active hours, such as during the typical school day, late at night, or early in the morning, as there are fewer players online playing the multiplayer games.