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Bowling is a two-player buddy game that was released on May 12, 2015. It can be accessed through the "Games" tab on a player's card or in the "Actions" tab. It puts two Jammers against each other to roll coconuts down a bowling alley and score points. The player can gain Spares and Strikes, just like a real game of bowling.


The achievements below apply to all buddy games in general:

Achievements Description
Bronze Gamer Bronze Gamer! Play 25 buddy games
Silver Gamer Silver Gamer! Play 50 buddy games
Gold Gamer Gold Gamer! Play 100 buddy games
Platinum Gamer Platinum Gamer! Play 250 buddy games
Winner Winner! Win 10 buddy games
Victor Victor! Win 25 buddy games
Champion Champion! Win 50 buddy games


  • There is a glitch when the player is supposed to throw the ball, but the ball doesn't come up. The clock does not tell the player to hurry up; instead, the game freezes and someone nearly always closes out.
  • A second is a glitch is that when the player has finished the game and the message saying that they have earned X amount of Gems appears, the button to close out of that message does not show up.
  • A third glitch that happens sometimes when you start off is that your opponent will roll and the ball will go right past the bowling pins and in a gutter in every single roll.


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