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Brady's Chemistry Set is a single-player mini-game that can be found in Brady's Lab. It was first introduced in March 2011 along with the lab.


This game allows players to combine liquids from three vials of different colored liquids (red, green, and blue) into a round boiling flask. The player can click on a vial to send more of a certain color to the boiling flask. The Bunsen burner, under the boiling flask, can be clicked to increase the heat which will cause the color of the liquid to become lighter. The final step is to toggle one of the valves above the three empty flasks on the right side and then click on the round boiling flask to send the liquid to that empty flask. After the process is complete, the game will exit and the player will be carrying the flask of liquid that they created.


There is only one Achievement that can be obtained by playing this game.

Achievement Description
Brad.png Chemist! Create Dr. Barr's secret formula.


  • Dr. Barr's secret rainbow-colored liquid can be created by clicking each color three times and then increasing the heat of the Bunsen burner three times.


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