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Brady's Expeditions was a video series where the player could help Brady find a giant snake. The player could also help Brady by choosing what he should do, being shown a different video depending on which outcome they chose. The series was split up into 12 different chapters. The player would not earn any Gems, but they could earn prizes in some chapters in the form of den items. The game was introduced on May 23, 2013. To access the game, the player must have clicked on the area in Brady's Lab that said "Brady's Expeditions". The game was removed on March 15, 2018.


To start the game, the player must have clicked on the Python Safari board. Next, the player would then choose a chapter. They would watch a live-action video of Brady Barr and would then be prompted to pick what Brady should do to progress the story. The player would then watch a short clip showing the outcome of the option they picked. If they chose the correct choice, they would move on to the next chapter. If they chose an incorrect choice, they would have to pick another choice, and the incorrect choice they picked would appear grayed out. Some incorrect choices would result in a humorous video outcome.


Certain chapters would award the player with a prize upon completion. These prizes were awarded to all players, regardless of if they had a membership or not. The chapters that awarded prizes had a gift icon next to their title on the chapter select screen.

Item Chapter Multiple Varieties?
Spiderweb Hammock 3 No
Snake Pennant 8 Yes
Snake Throne 12 Yes


  • The "leeches" seen on Brady Barr's leg in one of the video outcomes were not actually real leeches.
  • It is likely that this game was initially planned to have multiple installments before it was removed. This is supported by the fact that the name of the game is 'Brady's Expeditions' rather than being named specifically for the Python Safari. Additionally, the player must manually click the Python Safari option after opening the game, suggesting there would have eventually been multiple expeditions to choose from.
  • This feature may have been removed due to the partnership between WildWorks and National Geographic ending in 2017, less than a year before its removal. Brady Barr was employed with National Geographic, meaning the video series could have potentially been a part of the partnership deal.


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