Brady's Lab is a place where Jammers can learn about wildlife, watch videos, learn about what to do in a survival situation, and even learn how to do certain science experiments. It was introduced in March 2011 and it was later expanded on February 28, 2013. It is located in the upper area of the Lost Temple of Zios and is one of the main features of that area.


The entrance to Brady's Lab on the outside appears to be an old, stone building that is overgrown with vines and leafy plants. There is a dark wood sign in front of the building that says "Brady Barr's Laboratory" in yellow letters.

The interior of Brady's Lab has a safari theme with a wooden roof and stone floors. Just right of the doorway, there is a large desk with drawing supplies on it and a picture of Dr. Brady Barr above it. On the far wall there are a variety of display cases and a large wall map. Towards the bottom of the lab there are a variety of science experiments. At the bottom left of the lab there is a lit sign and double doors that lead to the cinema.

The music has a sort of wild-expedition theme, along with what seems to be electric surges, possibly in coherence with the scientific theme of the lab.


Brady's Expeditions

When Jammers click the large wall map, they can go on one of Brady's Expeditions. These expeditions are a series of interactive videos where Jammers can choose what they think Brady should do next. Currently the only expedition is Python Safari. However recently the interior was redesigned and the Brady's Expedition is no longer available.

Science Videos

By clicking the table with the duck, the cup, the straws, the lemons, etc, the Jammer has the ability to choose from a variety of experiments that they can watch. After clicking one, a video will play with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the experiment, shown by Brady and his daughter.

Brady's Chemistry Set

At the bottom of the lab there is a chemistry table where the mini-game Brady's Chemistry Set can be played. Here Jammers can mix chemicals and heat them up in order to get a certain-color chemical that they can carry around temporarily. If the Jammer uses the right combination by clicking each of the colors three times as well as the flame, the Jammer will receive the Chemist achievement.

Brady's Theater

Located at the bottom left of the lab is Brady's Theater. At the theater, Jammers can learn about different types of wildlife and about Brady himself. Jammers can even submit questions that Brady might answer in later videos.


  • Before it was expanded, the science videos had the least amount of videos to offer.


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