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Brady's Theater is a cinema located in a back room of Brady's Lab. It was introduced as an addition to the lab on February 28, 2013.


Brady's Theater is set in a stone building that is lit by many torches along the walls and along the base of the stage. The theater includes the typical tables with candle-lit lamps and also has an assortment of snake rugs, which appear like snakes that are coiled into a flat disk, that act as seats for the Jammers.


The theater's primary attraction is the cinema screen, but there is also a podium to the left of the screen that allows Jammers to read all of the Minibooks.

Video Catalog[]

The videos in this theater feature Dr. Brady Barr answering questions about animals that were submitted by Jammers. In order to submit a question, Jammers can click the "Ask Brady A Question" button on the bottom of the video catalog. The video catalog can be opened by clicking on the shelves just to the right of the cinema screen that have the "Videos" sign hanging above them. When Brady answers a Jammer's question, they will receive a Video Plaque from AJHQ in a Jam-A-Gram.

  • Raising Animal Babies
  • Can grasshoppers fly?
  • Leafcutter Ants
  • Are lions in danger of going extinct?
  • Are all bats nocturnal?
  • Are there any venomous mammals?
  • Are foxes and wolves related?
  • Do all reptiles molt like snakes?
  • What's the weirdest animal you've seen?
  • Venomous Caterpillars
  • Have you always been interested in animals?
  • What's your favorite type of frog?
  • Are all spiders harmful?
  • What is a baby crocodile called?
  • Are crocodiles good mothers?
  • How do animals warn humans to go away?
  • How far underground can worms dig?
  • Why do cats have such rough tongues?
  • Is it hard to catch snakes?
  • Why do chickens sit on their eggs?
  • Old World and New World Monkeys
  • Are humans animals?
  • Which animal is closest to extinction?
  • What animal has the largest family tree?
  • Are bison and buffalo the same creature?
  • Are mosquitoes important?
  • Are there any 3 legged animals?
  • How do owls see at night?
  • Hey Dr.B! Whats up?
  • Why do wolves hunt in packs?
  • How old can turtles live to be?
  • Is there such thing as a black lion?
  • Ring-tailed Lemur
  • What is a Dingo?Where does it live?
  • Why do Porcupine have quills?
  • Do hippos sleep underwater?
  • How long is an elephant's trunk?