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A generic buddy request.

Buddies are Jammers that have been added to a player's Buddy List. This list can be found in the top left corner of the Animal Jam Classic screen, and it lists all the Buddies, or friends, that a player has made in Animal Jam Classic.

Adding Buddies[]

The only way to add a Jammer as a Buddy is by clicking the Add Buddy button on their Player Card. A Jammer's player card can be viewed by clicking on their nametag or by searching for them through the Buddy List. When a buddy request is sent, the Jammer that receives it will see the avatar and username of the sender. The Jammer can then either accept the request, decline it, or just ignore it as it will automatically decline after a minute. If accepted, a window will show on the requesting player's screen, saying that he/she is now buddies with the Jammer.


There are a number of benefits to becoming Buddies with other Jammers.

Follow a Buddy[]

A Buddy can be followed to most locations around the world of Jamaa by using their Player Card. The arrow button beneath the avatar on a Player Card will transport the Jammer to their buddy when clicked. The arrow button turns grey if the buddy cannot be followed such as when they are offline, in the same area already, playing a game, on an adventure, or in one of the expired Jammer Parties. If the buddy is on a different server, the button will transport the Jammer to the same server, but it might not lead to the same area.

Buddy List[]

When a Buddy is added, they are put in the Buddy List. This list allows Jammers to quickly view the Player Card for any of their buddies. This also puts online buddies at the top of the list with a green icon and all the offline buddies remain at the bottom with grey icons.

Locked Dens[]

Another benefit for Buddies is that they can access each other's dens while they are locked. Locking a den can be used for privacy so that only other buddies can visit, unless the door is locked for "Nobody" to enter, except for the den owner.


  • As of May 29, 2014, the system for adding Buddies was updated to show images of player avatars while requesting. At some later point, the button designs were updated as well and the wood frame was made darker.
  • The mini-games Scooped, Marbles, The Amazing Shell Game, Four Gem and Tic Tac Toe were originally only playable by two Jammers that were Buddies with one another. However, these games were changed to be playable between any two Jammers on October 13, 2011.
  • Buddy requests can be disabled through a toggle button in the settings menu.
  • As of April 28, 2016, 100 new Buddy slots were added so that Jammers now can have 200 buddies.
  • Members, as of March 30, 2017, can now have 1,000 Buddies.