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The Build-Your-Own Garden Bundle is a bundle obtainable from purchasing a membership on the Animal Jam website during April 2020. The bundle comes with many den items, a Flamingo, a Spring Cottage, and a Pet Piglet.


The den items included are all based on garden elements, such as flowers, vegetables, statues, and walkways.


HedgePath.png Hedge Path
HedgePathUpperCurve.png Hedge Path Upper Curve
HedgePathLowerCurve.png Hedge Path Lower Curve
HedgePathSideCurve.png Hedge Path Side Curve
HedgePathCircle.png Hedge Path Circle
HedgePathIntersection.png Hedge Path Intersection
WoodPlankPath.png Wood Plank Path
WoodPlankLowerCurve.png Wood Plank Lower Curve
WoodPlankSideCurve.png Wood Plank Side Curve
WoodPlankUpperCurve.png Wood Plank Upper Curve
GardenHyacinths.png Garden Hyacinths
GardenTulips.png Garden Tulips
GardenSunflowers.png Garden Sunflowers
GardenPoppies.png Garden Poppies
GardenViolets.png Garden Violets
GardenButtercups.png Garden Buttercups
GardenCrocuses.png Garden Crocuses
GardenDaffodils.png Garden Daffodils
GardenRoses.png Garden Roses
GardenLilies.png Garden Lilies
GardenStatue.png Garden Statue
GardenGnome.png Garden Gnome
GardenHose.png Garden Hose
GardenSign.png Garden Sign
GardenSprout.png Garden Sprout
GardenClippers.png Garden Clippers
GardenBirdHouse.png Garden Bird House
GardenSprayBottle.png Garden Spray Bottle
Gardenrasperries.PNG Garden Raspberries
Gardeneggplant.PNG Garden Eggplant
Gardenpotatoes.PNG Garden Potatoes
Gardencucumbers.PNG Garden Cucumbers
Gardencabbage.PNG Garden Cabbage
Gardenstrawberries.PNG Garden Strawberries
Gardentomatoes.PNG Garden Tomatoes
GardenCarrots.PNG Garden Carrots
Flamingostandee.PNG Flamingo Standee
Pelicanstandee.PNG Pelican Standee
Duckstandee.PNG Duck Standee
Penguinstandee-0.PNG Penguin Standee